2021 Year End Review & FCCLA Series Recap

Welcome back to the Connect FCS Ed, thank you for taking the time out of your busy day to join me for a fun chat. It’s hard to believe that we are closing out 2021, it has been quite the roller coaster ride, it’s been fun, but also challenging. In today’s episode, I want to take a moment and share a quick recap of the past four episodes, and I also want give a shout out to all of our co-hosts who have joined alongside. I couldn’t have done this without your help, support and your encouragement. Thank you.

Episode Notes:

• Starting on Episode 79, we had on the show, Ashley Nelson, who shared, get your members, get your students excited, build relationships, reach out to your state advisors, join the FCC LA advisor Facebook groups. Even if you’re not an advisor yet, it does not hurt to get involved and start learning from the best. (1:45)

• Episode 80, we have the dynamic duo, Alaina Tharp and Sherry Vogel. They shared, find a mentor in your area and learn all that you can from them, start small and keep growing, find those nuggets that benefit you and your members, participate attend district, state, regional and national meetings. Set boundaries. Don’t burn out. Take care of yourself. Take it slow. Make it fun.(2:13)

• Episode 81, I was chatting with Christina Hollingsworth about competitive events, she shares, check out the portal, get the resources, make those connections, talk to your state advisors, integrate your FCS curriculum. So many opportunities to share experiences with travel, fund and scholarships. Students can do this. Start small, build success. (3:08)

• Episode 82, fundraising with Abigail Lee. Set realistic goals. She shares, what can you do right now? Start small, make a decision. What will your goals be? What are you working towards? Practice your pitch. It helps empowering and promoting personal growth, student support, fundraiser, encourage your Student Leaders to get involved and support that fundraiser that they had all agreed upon, finally, promotion and recruitment. (3:55)

• The past three years, I have focused on a specific word that would catapult me into the new year, 2020 was forward, be brave and trying something new. Even if you suck at it. Was kind of my motto. 2021 was Cultivate, create a community, and I believe within our FSC tips and Connect FCS-Ed community, we have done just to… So for 2022, my word is Polish. I want to become better. I know my recordings don’t always sound the greatest, as my equipment is not the most high-tech, but moving forward into the future, I want to become more polished because I want to meet you where you’re at, in your classrooms, at your workshops, at your conferences, and highlight the amazing work that you are doing because it is note worthy. (6:24)


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DECEMBER 22nd, 2021

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