96-Briana Castro, FCCLA VP of Development

Episode Summary

Briana Castro has been an active member of FCCLA for five years. She has held several chapter and state office positions including Washington State Vice President of Programs, State Vice President of Recognition, and has served two terms as the State Vice President of Region 8.

Episode Notes:

• I learned that VP of Development, it’s a really important position as you are looking for new partnerships and you are helping the organization financially, and maybe sure that members are the opportunity, participating partner contacts, and the sales, the national or coalition.  (13:18)

• So, are the executive council positions, are they rolling over every year; Are we gaining new student leadership yearly?. Yes, so every year, at the national leadership conference, I know it is a very long process where there’s national series from across the nation, from Washington to having candidates in Texas, and Hawaii. These are student leaders who are passionate about our FCCLA organization. In order to be elected, we have to go through this pass of interviews, there’s a non-meeting committee.   (15:47)

• Sometimes a question is, why did you join? But I think for me, the question is why not? I joined because my middle school had it which is what first got me interested. But, I stayed because of the friends and connections that I had made. The people I met and the force of good that was being made.  I’ve been afforded opportunities that I otherwise would not have experienced, and because of that, I’m eternally just thankful. (22:02)

• if your school doesn’t have an FCCLA chapter, it’s easy to start one…  I know, anything you start that you have no knowledge on, it’s overwhelming, but it is easy to start. The advice I would tell you, find other teachers in your own community and reach out to them to find out what is it that they have done and you get a sponsor. Have another FCCLA chapter advisor as a mentor to help you start your new chapter. (29:44)

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APRIL 27th, 2022

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