Catherine Hay, Fashion Design teacher



Welcome to episode 15 of Connect FCS Ed podcast. I’m your host Barbara Scully and today I had the pleasure of interviewing Catherine Hay.

Catherine hails from British Columbia, Canada, she is a Home Economics (Family & Consumer Science) 8-12 grade Fashion Design teacher, as well as University of British Columbia instructor and teaches Fashion Design.

Catherine has her own YouTube Channel and is passionate about teaching as well as the current trends. Listen to the podcast and also check out Catherine’s videos on YouTube. Enjoy!


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• We’re always trying to keep up with the current trends in industry, but we’re also not a part of that. And my training goes back quite a ways now. So in addition to having that connection to us to get and keep in contact with them, doing their program and then teaching a course in it, and most of our student teachers come out of UBC, so that also builds that connection. (3:53)

• It’s a fantastic job, and there’s a lot of work, but if you’re able to teach what you love, then it’s even more of a privilege. Very few of the student teachers coming up right now know how to sew, and very few are passionate about it. (7:35)

• I love when my students go on to YouTube and they find there’s some really great creative ideas, people have recycling garments, which I love, but the techniques are not there, and these creative young people recycling things and nothing’s properly finished on the inside and the fit is not great, and if I can come in, so I was like the matriarch, I can give some good techniques. (16:38)

• Definitely there’s going to be more theory than usual, and less sewing, but I do want to make sure that they get a good balance of hands-on work with the theory, so we’ll all be starting with illustration, which that can actually work great online, getting them to use a fashion croquis, the fashion figure, but they may do some research about sewing tutorials and how to evaluate them. (23:36)

• My high school is the largest comprehensive high school in the state of Washington, where we have roughly 3000 students in over 200 certificated staff members, and then we have another high school in our district, and I honestly was flabbergasted by it, and it was a huge honor for her to remember me, I was thinking, I need to step up my game when it comes to remote learning and trying to figure out how I can make an impact virtually with my own students. (29:47)


July 15, 2020

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