Cooking with Momma Bear, Michelle Brown


Hello and welcome back to Connect FCS Ed, thank you so much for listening! Today I have an amazing guest with me from the Twin Cities, Minnesota Area, the one and only, Momma Bear. Or lovingly known as Ms. Michelle, who has a wonderful YouTube channel.

Michelle has been teaching for 26 years, and when she first started,she only had a budget of maybe $100. So at that point, she didn’t have very many students, but enough that she was worried about her budget. Because of this, she started trying to create and recipes that we were able to spread across the whole year without breaking her budget.

Michelle started this model cheap and deep, making things at a cheap indeed. And so as the budget grew and the kids grew in a year after year, she still kept the model cheap and deep. Because most of us are in the same position where we don’t have a huge budget, where we can just spend money on steak and shrimp and lobster… That’s not reality.

Learn more about Michelle and her amazing YouTube Channel Cooking with Momma Bear.


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•  How am I going to teach cooking? But I’m at home. And so I thought about doing a YouTube channel, and I have a 12-year-old. She’s like, Mom, I can help you with all of that. Editing, some thumbnails, you name it, I know how to do it. I went baby, how do you know? But yeah, she knew how, she had to train me. It was so free, I’m like, Baby, I’d wake her up. Mommy needs to get this video out, How do I edit this, how do I add the title? And so she’s been my little assistant, which is so awesome. (7:18)

•  When I first started, I wanted it to be just like I was doing a demo in front of the students in the classroom, the physical classroom, so I’d lay all this stuff out, but I’m like, Okay, you’re going to need this, this, this, this, and… I have all the tools and equipment and all the ingredients, and then I wanted to go step by step, so if a kid had to pause it and go find it, or I break in egg and then they break egg and they pause it, and then they can follow along without feeling like they’re going to get lost. (9:21)

•  I think all of us got thrown into this, and nobody could have ever imagined that we find ourself in 2020 in this kind of position. And so I think everybody’s scrambling trying to figure out, what am I doing?… I think some teachers were just, had a better or easier… We’re able to slide into it at a better pace… I know, I’m probably not saying this right. But, other teachers are like, What? What’s YouTube or what’s a Schoology, or what is a puzzle!… Oh my gosh, it’s like a whole new lingo out there. (13:57)

•  So I’m always trying to be one step ahead. Yeah… During the spring, I had my students, I would go… I want you to go out, look in your pantry, or you’re cupboards, whatever it is, and I want you to pull out five ingredients that you can actually make something, and make it from scratch.  (20:17)

•   I just have an iPad propped up on a tripod, and it actually works really slick, so I don’t use my phone, but I might, but I really like the iPad. And then, I can get it right off the iPad and have the apps right on there, so that’s nice, I like it. Well, you’re giving me ideas and you’ve given me some hope that I can do this, I can cross over and to making stuff in the kitchen. (28:07)

September 23, 2020

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