Dr. Randy Russell, Speaker, Author and Consultant

Welcome back to the Connect FCS Ed podcast. Thank you so much for tuning in, I’m so glad that you’re here. A couple of weeks ago, we just finished up my Washington fall virtual FCS conference, and let me tell you, it was amazing! During one of my workshops, I was introduced to one of our keynote speakers, Dr. Randy Russell, who is author to the Three Ships relationships, leaderships and partnerships. Dr. Russell is a superintendent, an author, as well as a leadership consultant and he shares about self-care and the power of self-care, which doesn’t go just for family consumer sciences, it goes across the board for all educators.

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Randy discovered that by fine-tuning your focus on the 3 areas that matter the most – Relationships, Leadership, and Partnerships – you are able to not only navigate successfully through life, but you can help grow and develop others on their life’s journey. 


•   I’ve been very fortunate to be in education, this is my 33rd year and I started like many of us, as a teacher and as a coach. And then I got a chance to get into administration. I’m currently the Freeman School District Superintendent, I’ve been here for 10 years, and just having a blast. I just really love it. I’m married to a great teacher, Shauna, she’s a family consumer science teacher, and she does a fantastic job. (3:13)

•    I was actually with my classes today, I was just talking to them kind of candidly. They’re asking, How do I like being a virtual teacher? And I took a moment and I said, you’re probably not going to like my answer. And they’re like, Oh…because I actually am really loving it. Yes, of course, I miss you guys like crazy, and I want to see you in person and not just read your names on the black tiles of zoom, but there is something to be said with the lessons that I have created to take it a step further and beyond and to become better than if we were in our classes. (8:34)

•   We have a self-care webinar that’s offered in December, and it’s with my good friends, Dr. Michelle Price, Tim Rypien and Kelly Amos, MS. We’re going to team together, and it’s going to be absolutely fantastic. We’re developing a truly repeatable program to help people with their social, emotional, their mental, their physical and their spiritual wellness, and Kelly is going to talk a little bit about bio-hacking. Tim’s going to talk about a steady approach for success. We’ve got Michelle talking about self-care and what that looks like in each of the different components. And then I’m going to tackle a little bit about the three ships. (15:32)

•   And when you’re a seasoned veteran, you can figure out how to navigate this. But if you’re a first year teacher or a first year principal or a first year superintendent, and this is the world that you’re living in, boy, that is challenging. So we’ve gotta stay together because everybody’s going to be frustrated at some point in time. From the superintendents, all the way through any certificate classified or leadership team member. (23:10)


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November 18, 2020

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