EP 94: MoneyFit- Everyday money for Everyday people with Todd Christensen

Episode Summary

Todd Christensen is the host of the Money fit show. Todd is an author and educational manager, but he’s a financial educator, facilitator, lecturer, and speaker. I have collaborated with Todd on his podcast a few times, and it’s been an absolute honor to be able to work side by side with him in the past and to be able to now bring him on to our show to be able to talk about other financial resources that are available for educators.

Episode Notes:

• Todd Christensen is an author podcaster, speaker, accredited financial counselor, certified HUD housing counselor, and Education Manager at the Money Fit by DRS. Todd has facilitated thousands of personal finance workshops and one-on-one counseling sessions since 2004, helping consumers of all backgrounds and income levels regain control of their finances, get out of debt, rebuild their credit and create a brighter financial future. He published Everyday Money for Everyday People in 2014, and it’s on the 50+ on fire in 2021 (1:54)

• The money fit Show is all about the personal finance journey. So we interview people who have a story to tell, whether they got in a lot of debt when they were younger, or maybe they maxed out a credit card as I did in 36 hours, or they just dealt with overspending and then how they got out of that or overcame those challenges and hopefully some of the tools and resources that they used along the way that listeners can take advantage of or maybe find some motivation. And that’s really the kind of the goal is to help people realize, Hey, no matter how bad it gets. Somebody’s been there done that, and you can get through it. (3:47)

• I’ve been involved with Jump Start since almost day one. Back in 2004 when I started in this industry, I looked up who’s involved in personal finance and started attending the Idaho JumpStart Coalition, called Idaho Financial Literacy Coalition, which actually developed about the same time, a little independently from JumpStart, but they are working together and got involved in leadership and have stayed involved with that organization for going on almost two decades now. It sounds like it has been very rewarding. Definitely, being a part of all of these different coalitions and leadership programs has been self-fulfilling and very rewarding. (5:02)

•  But I love that idea that you used the word intentional, the idea of mindful living, it’s been very popular over the last decade or so of mindful eating, you know, being aware of where our food comes from, a word, the impact we’re having on our local and greater environment, so forth being a mindful consumer consuming, we have… Do we consume… That’s being a human means we have to have food, we have to have shelter, we consume, but being mindful, being intentional, because if you think about What’s the opposite, it’s being mindless, a mindless consumer. And that’s where we get ourselves into trouble. (9:44)

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APRIL 13th, 2022

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