EP 97: AAFCS 113th Annual Conference with Nancy Bock Executive Director

Episode Summary

Nancy Bock has been serving as the Executive Director for the American Association of Family and Consumer Sciences since March 1, 2021. Since that day, she has hit the ground running by filling staff vacancies, leading the efforts for a new strategic plan, connecting with, and supporting the state affiliates, developing the program for the Fall Leadership Workshop, representing AAFCS at conferences and meetings, managing the board election process and much more. She is laser-focused on governance and future-proofing the association. She is working in partnership with the Board of Directors to reimagine the future of the association in realizing its vision and strategic goals. Family and Consumer Sciences education is Nancy’s passion. Her core belief is that every facet of family and consumer sciences is essential to everyone, everywhere, all the time.

Episode Notes:

•  They are connected to our educational experience, and they are literally the best example you can think of of a not-for-profit organization that’s doing good sustainably, and so they are going to talk about sustainability and how they got to where they are and how they’re actually saving lives with soap and water. And this is an issue that’s not just here in the United States, but it’s a global issue, so they’ve come up with a really incredible process that allows us to recycle and sanitize the soaps and the hotels, and then formulate them into a product that can be given away to people in need. So the title of that session could not be better, their team, their staff, their volunteers, or hotel partners, they are the best people on them, doing good. Doing good in the world of sustainability. So we’re really excited about that one. (11:54)

•  Our website is easy to navigate. Our registration site is very, very easy, if everyone just goes to the AAFCS.org website, you’ll find on our home page, the registration banner you can’t miss, there are lots of banners and words and points to take you to the registration site, so it’s really a one-click process to get to that page. And so once you get to the registration website, there’s so much more than we’ll have time to talk about the same thing, but we have connected learning, we have our general sessions, educational sessions, and more. (16:47)

• I was talking to someone recently that’s gonna be a first-timer, and you know, we’ve all had experiences. Not everybody is an extrovert, some people are introverts, some people can walk into a ballroom and just are able to work the crowd and talk to everybody and know everyone’s name when they leave and others, not so much. And so we’re actually looking at that very carefully this year too, because one of our student members raised the topic with us, and so we’ve got some of our various ops working with us to do some outreach to those first conference goers before they go to Orlando. So that there is somebody they can ask a question too, that they may not be comfortable or may not know who to go to to get the answers, so we’re gonna do some pre-work and they’re gonna do some special things on the property for this first time or so that they feel very welcome and a part of our group, and being included(24:02 )

• We wash our hands, we don’t think about it, we turn on the water and we don’t think about it, but in this case, we clean the world, seeing these people long for miles to get soap and then be so excited about a bar, so certainly makes us all stop and think a little bit more. And by the way, clean the world, as I said earlier, they’re gonna be one of our headliners in one of our general sessions to tell the whole story to everybody, so that all of our affiliates, all of our members, non-members, all the folks in Orlando can learn about clean the world so that then they can start to think about how they can contribute and support this organization because they are just amazing (34:44)

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MAY 4th, 2022

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