Extended Learning Opportunity: A Home Buyers Guide with MKristo Bruce of Guild Mortgage

Welcome to Connect FCS Ed, thank you so much for listening. I’m your host Barbara Scully and on today’s episode I am excited to introduce to you my personal friend, MKristo Bruce of Guild Mortgage, who is going to share his knowledge and expertise of buying a new home.

MKristo Bruce is a jack of all trades. He’s got an extensive background. He’s an owner of the Buffalo Fitness Gym in Maple Valley, Washington, which he co-owns with his beautiful bride, Nikki. And he has an extensive professional background with college football and professional football, he played for Washington State University, he was a defensive end for the Oakland Raiders, Arizona Rattlers, Jacksonville Jaguars, Florida testers, then signed to the Miami Dolphins. But we’re not here to highlight his impressive football career, we’re here to share information for our new teachers or ready to buy first time new homeowners. So, let’s Talk Smart, MKristo is here to help my colleagues become prepared for the possibility of the biggest investment of their lives. They’re home.

Listen in…


•  Let’s talk a little bit about home buying, because that’s why we’re here. So as far as the process goes, the number one question I would say I would get is, I don’t have 20% down, so I can’t buy a home. Have you heard that before? Oh yes, all the time. I think that’s the biggest thing. And the cool thing that a lot of people don’t know is you just have to have a credit score about a 600 and you if you’re above a 620, you can put as little as 0% down. (3:38)

•  And this down payment assistance program is specific to each state, so our program has specific guidelines, but each state has their own down payment assistance program. They might have little nuances or different things with that, but all the states are going to have a program. So I have connections, if you want to know a loan officer in your area, just reach out to Barbara or myself. Email and we’ll be able to get that for you.  (5:30)

•  That’s not a requirement now, to put 20% down, but man, what a blessing to have, you know, a family, that  are able to do that for you, because with 20% down, you don’t have multiple insurance, so it’s going to help you probably buy a little bit more home. Guys, I think the biggest thing I would point out is the simple fact that we’re also going to get that kind of game… I’ll tell you my wife, in the first house, we bought… There was a special rule loan… called a USDA loan. It’s zero down, but basically in your outskirts outside of the city limits, you’re allowed to use this loan in very specific areas. (13:09)

•  I don’t know if you remember your first interest rate, but my first interesting was close to four and a half. In interest rates right now, are at about 3%. So, a huge savings for buying more of a house. At four and a half. my max approval might be 300,000, but at 3%, it might be 400,000. And those of you who are shopping out there, know that a difference between a 300,000  and a 400,000 house is a big disparity. There’s going to be a lot of differences there. So that’s a great point, is knowing what your interest rate is.  (15:53)

•  I’m just thinking of all the hoops that I had to jump through just a couple of years ago, even though I have this… Both my husband and I have stellar credit, we’ve been home owners, but that was just a new scenario that I had never had to jump through. So, giving more options, more insights on… Okay, helping prepare educators for a huge investment in their families and legacies life, I just felt like that needed to be shared, that there are ways to get around harry situations. (26:19)


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March 10, 2021

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