Financial Literacy Student Take Over

Welcome back to the Connect FCS Ed podcast. Today’s episode, or little PD is gonna be a student take over with my financial literacy class. This session is live during my class period. So there is background noise, but I have several of my students that I lovingly call the peanut gallery. I’ve been overhearing them talk about being a teacher and what being a teacher entails because they saw that I had my Excel spreadsheet up on the screen and transferring names over, and they were commenting, “Oh, I can never be a teacher because of the grading scale” and all of that so I thought this would be a wonderful teaching opportunity as well as the learning opportunity to have this fun conversation with this amazing bunch of students, so… Welcome fifth period!


•   I have been overhearing my students have a conversation and that they were also commenting on, “I could never be a teacher but they could be a second grade teacher, or maybe a fourth or fifth grade teacher, and then I said, Why not a high school teacher?” So we’re high schools and we know how we are and how we act and not wanting to get a class and the procrastination and not wanting to get to class.” (1:57)

•  What is it that you liked about financial literacy because you come to class? Ryan comes to class, he’s late, but he comes… And that’s the important thing. I definitely love the environment, being able to talk about anything but there is so much relevancy to our everyday lives.  It affects all aspects of our lives and helps us becoming aware and planned out.  (5:52)

•  Right now, we’re just kind of wrapping up our careers unit. So what was the most impactful thing that you learned from this unit? Probably the resume practice helped me get a visualization of what it is.  Being prepared for interviews is important. The questions you asked in our FlipGrid assignment isn’t what was asked during my interview when I applied at the mall but I am prepared for the next time because every interview is different. Future Readiness  (9:15)

•  I also was over hearing how you guys talk about positive affirmations and that spoke to this heart of mine. I do positive affirmations all the time, ’cause you’re not gonna get it from your peers or your friends, you’ll get it from your family from time to time, but as a mom, my goodness, I don’t get it nearly as often as I feel like I should.  I think what you needed here can only come from you (13:53)

•  In our class, we do podcast Thursday, or it’s been podcast Friday, just when things are starting to lighten up and so tell me… Do you like that assignment? I do, I do like the podcast assignment.  It helps me, ’cause you  teach, but during a podcast it’s from someone else’s point of view or experiences.  “I don’t know, it’s definitely harder for me ’cause I feel like my attention is… Unless it’s like a contest or where it’s two people having a conversation, I cannot focus if it’s just one person has my mind wonder. Then I’ll start talking to myself in my head, I’m like, wait, you can get back. And then I’m lost and I’m like, Oh, I need to start that one over again. I really helps that in this class we have class discussions, we’re talking back and forth,  and it’s not you just talking and us listening. You’re asking us questions, and we’re answering, and we’re actually getting the information that we need. (15:40)


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OCTOBER 27th, 2021

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