How You Can Use NGPF to Fill Your Financial Literacy Toolbox with Kathey Hatfield

Welcome to Connect FCS Ed, thank you so much for listening. I’m your host Barbara Scully and on today’s episode, I have an awesome educator friend with me, Kathey Hatfield. We are going to be talking about how NGPF can fill your financial literacy tool box. Kathy is one of my portable warrior teachers at my school, and we’ve become really great friends. When I moved to our school, where I’ve been now for three years, she was one of the first people to come into my classroom to welcome me.

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• Well, I am an NGPF guru and my official title, I’m an NGPF fellow, meaning that I have the opportunity to be one of a small select group, the first year about costs been like four years ago, to attend a completely expense-free, almost week-long workshop hosted by NGPF to share their materials, to show what they have to offer. And then their goal for us was to share this information with our colleagues and others, and next generation personal finance. (3:45)

• Basically you take a test, and if you pass with a certain percentage, you earn the badge. And what was great about it is not only did you get the content knowledge, but you learned how to use their curriculum in that particular unit and got to share and be a small group with other educators across the state, sharing ideas and so forth. (9:36)

• I love seeing the questions that are posted and then if I comment on any of them, then all of a sudden I’m part of all those notifications that I get, and it really is, it’s sometimes overwhelming with the amount of feedback, but I swear you’re able to sift through all of that feedback and be able to say, Okay, this applies to me, or you could follow that thread, if it’s proving to be like, Okay, I got what I needed and… Yeah, absolutely, they are. It’s such a community, and that’s something that I have to say, that’s the reason why I love Facebook so much being part of so many various groups is because of that community because… Yeah, who wants to recreate the wheel? (12:41)

• When you get approved to have an account through NGPF, they will send you a link for the Answer Keys, and I just pin that email to the top of my email list and it’ll be there… I have noticed that recently, some of the assignments as you download them will have a link immediately to the answer key, so I think that might be a change over that we’re doing… Do you have that? So most of the things are Google Docs, so if you use Google docs, you’re able to access everything or you can download them as your own file. (18:07)

•   Some of you the job world has changed now, there’s going to be a lot of jobs where students can work remotely from home or their home office. So you need to make sure our students are comfortable with the technology, and I think we always say, Oh, kids know technology. They know their cell phone, but do they really know technology? And I think as a teacher after COVID, we know where our students are lacking with technology, and I don’t care if you teach Math or English, Science or Health, whatever it is you teach, you can continue teaching our students about technology, how to use it and how to transfer those skills from our business ed class, or a family consumer class, into their work world. (26:42)


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April 28, 2021

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