Incorporating FCCLA Into FCS Classes With Alaina Tharp

Welcome to Connect FCS Ed. I’m so glad that you’re back, thank you so much for listening. I’m your host Barbara Scully and thank you so much for listening. So, today with me, I have an amazing guest. and she lives in Cambridge, Ohio, but teaches at Tri Valley High School in Dresden, Ohio. She teaches personal finance, career and college readiness, Child Development, culinary fundamentals, food science and global foods. She is an FCC-LA advisor and jack of all trades, Alaina Tharp.


•   I’m working on gamifying my global foods class. So, I’m working with a couple of other teachers in Ohio.. One I’m working with today, we know we both love Tricia Richmond, and we’ve taken some of her ideas  and have kind of sparked a hopefully new change for global food. So that’s the one that I feel like I struggle with the most teaching. I don’t have a lot of trial experience, so being able to give the kids opportunity to travel virtually or in our classroom is really exciting to me, try new things. (1:23)

• So we are sort of blended,  I have designated remote learners and designated face-to-face learners. We do have a unique situation where our kids can go remote as needed, so we do have kids are face-to-face, and then the next day they’re remote and then maybe the next day they’re back. So we’re definitely trying to make this so that it is kind of fluid that it goes hand-in-hand, just if your remote learner, you’re able to connect with the kids that are in class, so we’re hoping that it includes everybody, and if we have to go remote for some reason, it’s easily to transferable, just strictly virtual learning.  (4:26)

• I’ve given them a little kind of prompt where I want this food to be vegetarian-friendly, so pick a recipe and make it so that someone who follows a vegetarian diet of tailor to them, and they have to look at the packaging, they have to look at the processing, they’re looking at cost analysis, so essentially, I would typically normally assign that one food innovations in that class, which just this year, we’re just kind of falling behind a little bit, that I’ve given the kids the option.  (14:17)

• I’ve caught myself before kind of getting frustrated when we have lots of late work, and then you have to kinda look at it like, Hey, these kids are 14, 15, 16, some of them maybe 13, maybe you’re even teaching middle score, you have 12-year-olds in your class, and we’re expecting them to perform how they perform it help or here at school. But sometimes they’re at home, and I’ve learned from my own children that they have remote Mondays and the past couple of weeks they’ve been remote, they’re not in that school setting, they don’t have that mind frame and sometimes we are expecting a lot more out of them, so kind of relaxing yourself, relax in the kids, making it so that the kids can come easily talk to you.  (27:48)

• I think I got this quote from you or someone that came from your podcast. If you can’t find your purpose, find your passion. I think I heard that from you. I think I heard it from here. I just really know I’m actually really fortunate and I am teaching in the classroom that inspired me to be an FCS teacher. And when I went to go to college, I was going into family consumer science education, and in my area, the jobs in the job market was not great and I knew that I wanted to stay close to family, and so I ended up coming back home and switching majors, but I always knew every day I would search the school website for FCS jobs. (30:16)


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December 30, 2020

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