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Welcome to Connect FCS Ed, thank you so much for listening. I’m your host Barbara Scully and on today’s episode, I have an amazing guest, Lynn Carlson. Lynn is on my FCS Advisory Committee and is the junior achievements program development manager for Southeastern Washington. Lynn shares what junior achievements is and how they can partner with any educator bringing in valuable specialists and resources to enhance your content.

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• Junior Achievement is actually in 21 countries across the world. Wow, okay. So we support students individual success and academic success in two ways, the first is all of the Junior Achievement curriculum is mapped to common core requirements, so every program that is age-appropriate, so we have programs for the elementary level, the middle school level, and the high school level every program specifically maps to common core in math, reading, writing, arithmetic, as well as the social-emotional skills, so educators can very easily blend these programs into their classroom curriculum. (3:17)

•   The third pillar is entrepreneurship, so we honor that not everyone is College-Bound, some folks might want to go right into the workforce by owning and starting their own business. So much of our curriculum focuses on what the entrepreneurial journey, like, what skills are required to be an entrepreneur, what to expect, running and owning their own business 24/7. And even things like personal branding and business branding, how to attract and find customers, how to develop market share, all the things that future business owners need to learn to operate a profitable and successful business. (5:17)

•   Many of our programs will explore 16 career clusters, so if you are interested in STEM careers, if you’re interested in, for example, food services and food industry careers, we have a lot of curriculum and a lot of tools that help students explore an individual career. So, if I want to be a chef, what does a day in the life of a chef look like? What kind of education is required? What are the day-to-day job roles and duties? What are the expectations that an employer has of me as a chef? And what are the tasks and responsibilities outside of cooking that chef is required to do? (7:20)

• So all of JA’s programs are based on experiential learning, the traditional delivery model has volunteers going into the classroom with a kid. Now that we’ve pivoted a lot of things to virtual, all of these experiential programs are now in simulated online environments, and what you’re mentioning is the physical facility, that is a full immersion simulation. This town is where students show up and literally take over a town, they elect a mayor, they run TV commercials, they run businesses. Every business has a CEO, a CFO, a salesperson. The students get to run payroll, they get to issue debit cards at banks, and the students also get to go shopping, so they get an opportunity to learn how earning their pay translates into very tangible things like paying your utility bills, or going in and buying groceries. (10:57)

•   So the curriculum is turnkey, anybody and everybody, even high school students, college students, whether you’re a parent, whether you’re a business person, anyone can sign up to deliver this curriculum. We provide new volunteer training, you walk you through how to engage in the program guide that breaks down each lesson for the volunteer, how to use the materials, how to log in to the learning management platform, we make it easy to learn how to deliver the JA curriculum. There is also a ton of free resources available online for parents to use themselves if they want to use the curriculum. Everything is absolutely free, they can go online, download activities, use the content delivery network, use the learning management system, lots of ways for stay-at-home parents to use the curriculum to deliver to their own kids, and definitely tons of resources for helping volunteers get ramped up. (18:28)


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April 21, 2021

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