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Welcome back friends, I’m your host Barbara Scully. Today we are kicking off season two of the Connect FCS-Ed podcast. If you have been following the show for a while, thank you for supporting… The motto of the show is that we are better together. We are starting Season 2 talking about Mindset Matters. Our mindset, it truly matters. We went through a lot the past 15 months, I know, we all know we will be juggling a lot of traumatized students when we all get back into the building, my high school, our incoming freshmen class consists of 893 students. I’m freaking out in here, these students are not prepared or equipped for high school, they’ve not been in school for the last two years, they didn’t even get an opportunity to grow during middle school, they were too busy babysitting younger siblings, and for the most part, I’m just gonna say it, avoiding their educational responsibilities. Not all of them, most of them. But yeah, are you traumatized? Just remember, you are a passionate and resourceful educator, and you also need to take time for yourself to nurture a healthy mindset.

Henry Ford said, “Coming together is a beginning, keeping together is progress, and working together is success.”

Ready? Let’s get started…


•   Do you live in a state where you have canned curriculum, or did you have to create your own curriculum from scratch to virtually present it? Did you do your student teaching virtually? How was that? In my state, I do not have canned curriculum, therefore I had to create everything, and I collaborated across the nation with other interior designer teachers and foods teachers. I have to admit the positive result from the shutdown is that everyone was willing to share anything and everything. (1:48)

•   Your class could be the only welcoming classroom your student has or feels like themselves because we teach real life skills. And the irony from Adam Grant says, the irony of soft skills, which are the skills that our classes focuses on, is that they’re often the hardest to master. Leadership, communication, collaboration, creativity and adaptability may not be technical, but they’re increasingly vital. Behavioral, social and emotional skills are what makes humans indispensable. So we are preparing students for life. (3:22)

•   I have students write me something, and this is what I call what I wish my teachers knew. I always preface to every student that I am a mandatory reporter. So that means if someone writes me something that could potentially be harmful or has happened to them, I have to report it. The health and safety of each student is my number one, so with that, I tell students they have to write me something… It could be that they struggle with reading or they are poor test takers, or they’re even getting their driver’s license. It could be anything. I love this activity because it gives each student the freedom to share with me however much or little. (5:53)

•   Set those boundaries, be sure to set your I am away from the computer schedule on your email to focus on what you can control, you are in charge of how you spend your free time, your priorities, and your mindset, focus on what you can control. I know for me, it’s my cell phone, I can turn it off, I can put it on vibrate, I can turn it on silent. And when on Facebook or any other social media, I can continue scrolling. Or I can engage, but those are the things that I can control and in my own house, what I can eat, what my family eats, focus on what you can control. (8:27)

•   Your social connection is crucial during times of hardship, so lean on your support group, text your teacher besides contact a friend from maybe your college days or a neighbor, check in with somebody, keep up with self-care, make sure you get at least seven hours of sleep. Nutritious diet, spend time outside,  and exercise regularly. But I also want you to think about self-care, we are always talking about self-care and reflection and all of that, but you know, sometimes self-care just means going and getting a haircut, or getting your nails done, or maybe going for a drive or binge watching a certain Netflix series. (10:03)


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AUGUST 18, 2021

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