New Approaches in E-learning and How to Become a Resilient Teacher for Tomorrow

Hello and welcome back. In today’s episode, we’re going to be talking about new approaches in e-learning and how to become a resilient teacher. So back to school, it loomed over many of our heads with so many unanswered questions about students, families and communities around these United States in the world, educators having to pivot school year and pave a new path in unfamiliar territory, completely adverse to what the institution of education has always looked like and felt.

As an educator, we are living in the most technology-advanced time period in history, we are capable of taking on this challenge in restructuring our diverse and content-rich curriculum and make it accessible to any student anywhere, any time, when it comes to synchronous versus asynchronous teaching.

According to Brene Brown, who is my absolute favorite…’there is no innovation and creativity without failure.’

Listen in…


•   I’m taking this on, this is my own challenge for myself because… Holy cow, I have been stressed and I have been stretched, but I’m learning to give myself grace, and if you need to have somebody tell you to give yourself permission to slow down… I’m giving you that permission. You don’t need me to say it, but if you need somebody to please give yourself and allow yourself the permission to slow down. Your mental health is important. (3:06)

•   For the first time, the boy is using Google Drive, he doesn’t know anything about that, so all of a sudden I’m going, Oh my gosh, I didn’t prepare him for this. So quickly, I pivot and I’m like, Okay, this is what we’re going to do. So, you say you don’t know where your camera is on your home book, and he’s like, No, I don’t. Okay, so I show him exactly where his camera is on his Chromebook, and then all of a sudden we’re taking pictures, and I’m showing him how to crop images and then saving them to his Google Drive. (7:55)

•   Yeah, we were in the same boat, because honestly, I feel like an island at times when it comes to this kind of stuff, so that was my own personal experience this last week. Now, second, change is hard, yes, but it’s also inevitable. It doesn’t have to be painful though, or impossible. You do, however, need to set a positive example for those around you, observe and listen, create new learning activities, explore solutions and communicate, communication, it’s two ways, talking and listening. Share your perspective, explain your reasonings and your fears, then sit back and listen to the input from others, listen to their solutions. (10:28)

•   Educational leaders are at the center of a community-driving student teacher, school and even district-wide success, lean on your colleagues as a new teacher, both starting by career and moving schools. I’ve leaned heavily on my building professionals by asking questions and observing master teachers to demonstrate multiple instructional strategies, giving me new ideas. How to bring back to my own classroom? Lean on your professional community for support, this gives you the ability to learn from one another.  (13:57)


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November 11, 2020

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