New Normal Inside of Chaos


Hello and welcome back to Connect FCS Ed, I am your host Barbara Scully. Thank you so much for joining me today!

On today’s episode, I just want to go into this weird place that we’re all in right now, trying to find this new normal inside of chaos.

These are just the musings and ramblings going on inside of my head right now. The last few days I’ve been writing, I have been journaling, I’ve been trying to sift and sort through what is happening. But today, like yesterday, and what will happen probably tomorrow, is just another day, it’s a blur.

I’m not sure what month or day it is.

I know we’re somewhere in this March, April-May-ish area.

The only thing that kind of keeps me straight is the calendar date in clock on the bottom of my laptop, but this is a weird space we’re in.

I don’t have my agenda posted on my projector board at school, informing my students what the date is, what our objective is. My daily posted discussion question that kind of gets everybody thinking.

I don’t have that routine anymore. But I have been pretty focused this past month with creating a new normal, much like you. But last night I had, not a moment like a breaking point, but I almost kind of unraveled. Because I have been putting on such a brave face for my own kids, my four incredible and resilient kids, that it made me think about my students, which then spun me down to my colleagues, because I’ve been putting on such a brave face, I have almost convinced myself, that we’re all doing okay.

But then I realize as an educator, I didn’t sign up for all of this weight, that all of a sudden I feel like I am carrying on my shoulders and on my back.


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• I’m figuring out various online platforms to keep my students engaged. But the fact remains that I now, and I know that you know, that online learning can never replace face-to-face learning. (2:51)

• You are doing such an amazing job, you are sifting and sorting throughout all of this chaos, to bring something, and emerge something, that’s going to be big, beautiful and amazing. (3:37)

• It also means that you don’t know where that job will be… Or if it will be. But the reality remains that our classes are electives, meaning that if students don’t sign up for it, there is no class. My content, my subject area, like many of you, our classes are electives, and no teacher should be concerned about this. (5:09)

• I have created a very loose schedule, I am zooming with each of my classes, in 30-minute sessions on Mondays. I’ll go over a recipe because, what I teach, I teach foods and nutrition and interior design. So for foods and nutrition, I will share the recipe, go through it together with my students, and I will talk about the suggested assignment on nutrition. (6:25)

• Students may not remember our subject area, but they will remember how hard you tried. They will remember you, your kindness, your honesty and your stories. You are doing amazing work. And I couldn’t be more proud to be in the same field, working alongside so many impactful educators who are making a difference in the lives of our students. (8:35)


May 13, 2020

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