Partnering & Promoting your FCS programs with Anna Hall

Hello and welcome back to Connect FCS Ed, I’m your host Barbara Scully. This week, I have an amazing teacher, she is a singleton from Yellow Springs, Ohio. Her name is Anna Hall and she teaches Family And Consumer Science at Greene County Career Center.

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• I was really involved in my college and decided to go off to graduate school for that. I actually was the house mom for a fraternity for three years at the University of Maryland, so it was me as a graduate student and 50 underclassmen men living in one house together. And then I worked in resident’s life at some colleges for a little while, so I lived in campus housing for 10 years. (3:06)

• But I feel like I’ve been able to cut out so much fat in our face-to-face curriculum that we were doing to move things into this virtual environment where my students are getting all of the meat within our assignments. And, yeah, my classes, my foods classes, there’s no cooking, so I’m not able to send out any pre-made food kits or anything like that. I know there’s a lot of districts where a lot of the teachers have been able to make food kits for their students for single servings. (8:28)

• Yeah, and just like sharing the pocket full of primary, that YouTube channel, I’m sure she’s going to drop some amazing stuff that I can take into my own classroom. And like, Oh, I’m going to pull this because I think this is beneficial for everybody. So, yeah, think outside of the box, I think is the best way, just because it’s not FCS or CTE-related doesn’t mean that you can’t pull a nugget from the gold mine. (15:10)

• So how are you going out and contacting local support to come in to talk to your students? How do you do that? Well, a couple of different ways. So number one, just obviously networking, so the people that I know, asking them who they know, and also I have been trying to partner with local restaurants and other food industry businesses. So, at the start of the school year, I send out letters to… Last year, I think I sent out 70 letters to different restaurants and other businesses in the area introducing myself and asking if they were interested in partnering to help support my foods-related students in one of three ways. So one way was to help sponsor students to take the serve safe handler certification test, one way was to come in and be a speaker in the class, and the third way was to allow students to come into a field trip and see behind the scenes at their business and this was a great success. (30:03)


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December 02, 2020

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