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EP 101: Sharon Davis of The Home Baking Association

The Connect FCS Ed is being sponsored and partnered by The Home Baking Association which is a collaborative community-building experiment to bring avid home bakers and educators together who wish to share their own expertise as well as further develop their knowledge of baking.

Learning to bake launches essential living skills while achieving core education goals for literacy, sciences, math, art, and social sciences. There are many baking STEM and career connections with agricultural commodities, ingredient food sciences, retail baking, milling and baking engineering and technology.

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EP 100: Hanna Kim of EverFI

Welcome to Season 3, Episode 100! Today’s podcast episode, we are being supported and sponsored by EverFI. EverFI is committed to helping organizations build the missing learning layer and infrastructure to deliver impact as a service in their communities, empowering individuals with the tools and skills to drive ecosystems of change and inspire life, and success.

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