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Intervention and Support

We are in the first full week of November. Wow, it has been a busy… Two months, hasn’t it? How are you doing? Have you done any self-check-ins with yourself, obviously, do you find yourself getting home and then immediately either showering or just getting into your pajamas or sweats and finding that weighted blanket to then binge TV, or maybe you’re running around and taking your own kids to their… After school activities, no matter what… Whatever you are doing, I hope you’re taking care of yourself.

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Financial Literacy Student Take Over

Today’s episode, or little PD is gonna be a student take over with my financial literacy class. This session is live during my class period. So there is background noise, but I have several of my students that I lovingly call the peanut gallery. I’ve been overhearing them talk about being a teacher and what being a teacher entails because they saw that I had my Excel spreadsheet up on the screen and transferring names over.

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Recruit, Recognize and Advocate future leaders of FCS with Nicki Pedeliski

Welcome back to the Connect FCS Ed podcast. Today with me, I have a teacher from California, Ms. Pedeliski, who has taught FCS and advised FCC LA for nine years. She actively gives back to FCS, an FCCLA by volunteering at local and national levels. Nikki is the current vice president and family consumer science teacher Association of California.

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