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Welcome to episode 16 of Connect FCS Ed, I’m your host Barbara Scully. I can’t express enough to you how excited I am to share with you my online tips and strategies that will set you up for success as we navigate this online instructional journey together.

These are just a few helpful tips for online instruction. For the past few years I have been both a student in an online class, as well as an instructor, so I have both an understanding and a clear perspective when it comes to online learning.

I do hope that you find that these four tips, to successfully teaching online, help you to expand your horizons, and provide new ideas on what else we could do for in the future, and share that with your students.


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• So with organization, this has been a little pet peeve of mine, when I have been a student, I am not sure about you, but for me, I live by my calendar, my calendar dictates what I am doing throughout the day, the week and the month. So please, when you are creating your content, make sure you put dates and you synchronize it to your platforms calendar, so that way it is shared on the calendar. (2:14)

• Another thing is, we all have busy lives. We all have our own personal agendas, motivations and priorities, and look at your students, no matter how young or how old that they are, they could be in college or in high school, even down into the elementary age, they all have a different mindset of what is important to them for right now. (4:15)

• Spend the time. You need to learn online details for your classroom, because what will end up happening, when you are investing into yourself, your personal professional development, which then is going to trickle down to your students, and they’re going to be held to an expectation of what you are hoping that they will achieve and get out of your class. (6:48)

•  And now with the learning curve that everybody is going through, you then need to cut it in half, so your expectations are high, but understand the realities of what you are going to get. So when it comes to online situations, especially in establishing deadlines, send out constant reminders, due dates saying, hey, remember this assignment was given to you last Thursday, today is Tuesday, you have two more days until this assignment is due. (9:07)

• So both as a student and an instructor for online, it makes a huge difference when you show the human side of you, but you’re also expressing your flexibility, so that is a major policy that I have. (11:24)

July 22, 2020

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