The Connect FCS ED Podcast 50th Episode Celebration!

Welcome to Connect FCS Ed, thank you so much for listening. I’m your host Barbara Scully and on today’s episode I am excited to be sharing with you the 50th episode of the Connect FCS Ed podcast!

I love doing the interviews, connecting with so many of you and sharing resources to make our job easier as an educators. Please listen in and celebrate this special day with me. Cheers to 50!!!

Listen in…


•  I love hearing people’s stories and their perspectives, because it helps me have a better understanding of what other people go through. It’s a completely different background than I have. And being a singleton of working, all of a sudden with the team, I never worked with the team before, so I didn’t know what that was like, so moving from being completely isolated, being in a silo, I had to re-learn how to work with people, so… When I say if I sound ignorant, when asking questions is only to help gauge a conversation, to bring it down to a place that may be educators all understand. But then we also have the Community building up the partnerships that we have within our families, the network of families, our school board, our directors are superintendent, I want everybody to be able to understand what we go through as educators and the lingo. So 2020 was the year of growth and understanding, 2021, this is the year of innovation and excelling, be proud of yourself and how far you’ve come. (4:23)

•  It gives the skills to be able to apply certain lines and textures of design, it gives the skills to be able to make wise financial decisions, to be able to decide that is a long-term goal, or I need to handle this right now, it encompasses the body of the lifespan, and at 50 episodes. We’re just skimming the top. So thank you for coming along this journey with me, thank you for helping me level up and excel. I want to innovate, I want to lead, I want to excel. And our collective group. We’re doing just that. So cheers to 50. I’m just thankful for the listeners and for all of the interactions that I’ve been getting. (7:46)

•  I might be a small but mighty voice, but I am here because I want to spotlight what you are doing in your classes, maybe let’s hear from your students, let’s hear what your programs are doing. This podcast is all about showcasing what family consumer sciences is really all about. We in our field, we don’t get recognized, we are constantly getting thrown aside saying, Oh, Home Economics, it’s no longer part of our curriculum, Oh, I wish our students were learning this, or back in my day, we didn’t learn that… Well, I’m here to say you were probably taught it, but we were probably talking to our classmates in class, but such an amazing journey. (9:34)

•  So in today’s staff meeting, we were just talking about our digital due now of what is one word, one word that you can describe how you’re feeling right now. Take a moment. Think about that. What is your one word? I can tell you my one word that I wrote in the chat box is confident, I feel confident in my abilities to be able to pivot, which I know it’s not a funny word anymore because we’re all tired of it, but I do, I truly feel confident in my abilities as an individual, as a mom, as an educator and a professional right now, because my gosh, I know you’ve been working hard all this past year, and because we have put so much time, effort and energy. (14:36)

•  Please take a step back and talk to yourself, why are you not asking for their student input, their student voice, because they are the users, they’re the reason why they’re not turning something in, let’s say. I would love… Please ask for student voice. And I know for a lot of us as family consumer sciences educators, we thrive on relationships, thrive, so take care of that then. Oh my gosh, something else that I’ve done this past trimester, which I’m really excited about for my podcast for this past year, which I can’t believe I’ve been doing this podcast for a year now, and it’s slowly growing, it’s catching on, and I love that. (21:04)


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March 17, 2021

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