Ep 93: International Federation for Home Economics World Congress 2022 with Dr. Gwendolyn Hustvedt and Dr. Janine Duncan

Episode Summary

I am welcoming back episode 92 guests, President of the International Federation of Home Economics, Gwendolyn Hustvedt, and the Vice-President co-chair for the Region of Americas, Dr. Janine Duncan. Professor Gwendolyn Hustvedt, who teaches textiles and product development at Texas State University, started her four-year term as President of the International Federation for Home Economics in 2020. Dr. Janine Duncan has served as a teacher educator of Family & Consumer Sciences for 16 years at multiple universities. She currently serves as the International Federation for Home Economics (IFHE) Vice President for the Region of Americas, represents IFHE as a representative to the United Nations, and is co-chairing the IFHE World Congress 2022. I’m really excited about this conversation because we really dive deep into where the Congress will be held in the United States, and why you, as an American Family and Consumer Sciences professional, why you should attend the World Congress.

Episode Notes:

• We have been making plans for many years now, the International Federation For Home Economics World Congress, it’s will be held in Atlanta, Georgia. So coming up right here in the southeast part of the United States, September 60th through 10th, 2022. (1:54)

• Georgia is in the top 10 universities nationally, the University of Georgia, and they have a very strong family consumer science education program but connected to the University of Georgia are our extension colleagues, and so our extension colleagues have been playing a significant role in the planning for the Congress as has our Georgia affiliates (4:22)

• The United States presents itself to the world, but you’ll also see this connection because they’ll be presenting the flag and the movement of the Congress from the United States to its next destination. So that’s a really cool thing packed into the in-between, you’re going to see really rich and robust concurrent sessions, plenary speakers, and so on, that’s going to help to build that intellectual space that we’re so familiar with when we go to conferences to study within our discipline and so it’s all very exciting. (8:13)

• Family and Consumer scientists in a world where everybody’s thinking about where the money is coming from or who their stakeholders are, we belong to a discipline where our stakeholders are families and consumers that those are our stakeholders. We’re responsible at the end of the day to those people, the people whose lives, we’re trying to empower them to make their own lives better, and that’s unique among many different disciplines, that we are responsible not to some agency, not to some industry but to the individuals, families and consumers that we are educating. Another thing, I’m always keenly aware of, is that home economics as a discipline was founded to give women access to science education, and more than that, recognized that science education was a way to empower people to protect their families from the damage caused by the industrial revolution, from pollution, from adulterated products, from mislabeling, from predatory financial practices, and so forth  (40:14)

•Email: president@ifhe.org
•Website: https://www.ifhe.org/service-1/join-us 
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•Twitter: @ifhe_HomeEc

•Email: duncanjm@ksu.edu
•Website: https://www.ifhe.org/service-1/join-us  
•World 2022 Congress Website: https://web.cvent.com/event/ec0dcde7-3a47-494c-ba86-269439400fa3/summary 
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APRIL 6th, 2022

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