Sheree Moser, Mentoring New FCS Ed Teachers


Welcome back to Connect FCS Ed, and thank you so much for joining me today. I’m doing a special series on universities with both FCS programs in undergraduate degrees and master’s degrees. Today’s guest is Sheree Moser, who is Professor at the University Nebraska-Lincoln, College of Education & Human Sciences. Sheree is a lifelong Family and Consumer Sciences (FCS) teacher and is currently teaching and coordinating the FCS education program on campus at both the undergraduate and graduate levels.


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•    I’m in about my 35th year of teaching, I actually graduated with a bachelor’s degree in home economics education in 1982, a full-time job in 87, taught middle and high school for 20 years. Then I went to the district office as a curriculum specialist for Family Consumer Science in 2003, and then stayed until 2009 full-time. I ran Family and Consumer Science, Health Sciences and the student parent program for Lincoln Public Schools. I got my job at UNL 10 years ago as an abject because I wanted to go back to teaching and move out of administration. (1:22)

•    First of all, as a recruiting tool, a lot of my teacher candidates that are coming in at the freshman level have been officers or very involved in FCA, like very close to their Family Consumer Science teacher, and a lot of the time, because they have those programs that you can do career exploration or you can say yes to SCS, those kids come to the university already declaring that they want to be a Family and Consumer Science teacher, and I love it. (4:35)

•     I didn’t feel like any of us were doing enough to support new teachers, so we started a new teacher workshop last year, and that was  really exciting because we have 16, 18 students, first second, third year teachers come, and then we had people do presentations, we provided them with transportation and lunch and all kinds of gifts for them to take home to their classroom. But we did it for a whole day in November, and it was really successful. So we’re going to continue to do that too. (9:22)

•    it’s also a privilege that we get to influence the lives of these children and communities in such positive ways… Absolutely, that has always been most important to me is what can I do to make my community and this program better and so I’m pretty rigorous, because I think my total this last week or so was about 135 students, I started with four in 2011, I have about 42 right now, in my Master’s degree program. (23:33)

•    I think there’s a lot of very kind and caring people, so that is always refreshing when you go to a national conference and the FCS people are always very welcoming and very supportive and they’re very excited about what you’re doing and how things are going in your state. I did a presentation last year at aafc for the Say Yes to FCS group, and it was only about six minutes, but I shared all of the things that we’re doing in Nebraska, and that didn’t even include the new teacher’s workshop. So we’ve added since then, but just the way that we keep track of the people that are majoring in FCS and where we recruit, where they come from, and what we’re doing to get new teachers. (34:52)

October 07, 2020

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