73 Comedy in the Classroom with Leslie Rob

Hi, and welcome back to the Connect FCS and podcast. Thank you so much for listening, I appreciate you in all that you do. Today’s episode, I have an amazing family consumer sciences teacher, Mrs. Leslie Rob from northern Virginia who is a high school FCS teacher by day and comedian by night. Leslie infuses comedy into her classroom that makes learning fun and engages students. Welcome Leslie!

Episode Notes

Your specialty is comedy. Yes. You love comedy, I love comedy, but as I was saying before the fore show.  I love comedy, but I can’t give comedy because there are special people who can do it, and I feel this within my core and that… You’re one of those special people and you bring it into the FCS community. And it is amazing. All of things I appreciate that. I just love it.  Comedy breaks the ice with anything, any situation, whatever embraces joy because everybody can laugh and should. So I utilize that comedy in the classroom as much as possible, it keeps my kids go and it keeps me going. (5:41)

I like how you said you showed the video because that’s something that we talked about in that webinar, where some of the teachers that were present in the webinar, they had said, what if you’re just not funny, that’s just not something that your gift at then how do you put humor in the classroom… What he said was ingenious, and he said that literally, you use someone else’s…  Show a YouTube video, or you find something that’s funny and then just share it with the kids, you’re still incorporating humor, it doesn’t have necessarily be your humor, you don’t have to be this hilarious person, if you can incorporate it, then that makes it all the better. (8:01)

I literally have this PD called greys teaching anatomy that I do… Yeah, I do something with that. So hilarious, because everybody’s all about the whole greys anatomy thing.  That’s why I use the name because it’s something that people would be like, Wait, what?  And so what I do is I talk about how, alright, none of us, you know how to do it, right, it is what it is, we all have our good things that we can bring to the table. We all have our little expertise area. So teaching isn’t about black and white, it is not black and white in any circumstance, who doesn’t right… Who does it wrong? Who does it better? Who does it worse? No, it’s not black and white. It is all grey, and that’s mixing it all together… Everybody’s black and white, if I am the grey, it works best for you and your students. So in that session, we talk about finding your grey. (9:13)

Tell me a little bit about your comedy, What is your comedy style? Because as I said, we… We need to get you out there. Well, I do stand-up comedy and encouragement, so it’s clean comedy, a clean comedy set, and then followed up with encouragement. So that’s my style, it’s like comedy with a message. I literally just find hilarious things in my life and that people are like, Oh my gosh, yes. So I try to make it as relatable as possible as well, because it just makes people be able to connect… (11:53)

You also host your own podcast, which you shared with me prior to recording. Well, my podcast is called ‘Leslie said What?’ Yes, Leslie said What! And so I’m one of those people, I don’t think… Not saying I don’t have a filter is the word, but I just basically rip off the band-aid, and just talking about topics and just say what it is, and then most of the time people were  like Leslie, she said that? Yep, she did. So ‘Leslie said what?’, what was just the perfect name for it, because I wanna help people to understand and embrace things, whether it’s in the Christian realm and the encouragement realm, whatever anybody needs help with or whatever, instead of just talking around the bush… Let’s just hit it head on and say what it is. (18:56)




OCTOBER 13th, 2021

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