87-National Partnership Series with Future FCS Educators, Emerson Burroughs and Kevin Homan

Happy CTE Month! Welcome back to our series on the National Partnership for Recruiting, Preparing, and Supporting FCS Educators. Today, we will be talking with two future FCS educators, Emerson Burroughs and Kevin Homan from Purdue University. We will be discussing recruitment opportunities and how the National Partnership is helping career switchers start their journey.

Episode Notes:

•  I can’t count how many conversations I’ve had with people out in the community, random strangers, even where they think that they should bring back home economics. But Home Economics has always been here. It changed the name 30 years ago. It’s always been here. It’s going to continue to be here. And they value that skill set, and they aren’t teachers, but they value that skill set and they think it should be taught, and I also think it should be taught. So that’s why I’m here. (7:43)

• The National Partnership for Family and Consumer Sciences education for recruiting, preparing and supporting an FCS educators. How did you guys go about finding out about this national partnership? Well, I think that Kevin and I both learned about the partnership through our professor here at Purdue, Dr. Carol Werhan because she was on an episode of this podcast, and before she sent it to us and encouraged us to listen, so naturally we did (14:16)

• I actually attended a signing ceremony myself, so when I went to the National Say Yes  to FCS event, like the Star event, back when I was a senior in high school. Me and my teacher, we went to go to this event where we had to basically go up on this little board and sign her name saying we said yes to FCS… This was at FCCLA conference, I realized it’s also at state levels as well (17:36)

• So there is actually a recruiting handbook guide called The marketing playbook, and it’s a ready-to-use content library that you can download digital and social media, such as educator spotlights, podcasts, videos, print-ready, images and graphics, brand standards, and out outreach materials and you could find all of these materials on the website FCSED.net. Here is just a sampling of a 30-second recording PSA product that you can use right now. (19:18)

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FEBRUARY 9th, 2022

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