88-National Partnership in Preparing FCS Educators with Susan Turgeson, Ed.D. and Jane Walker, Ph.D.

Welcome back to the Connect FCS Ed podcast and Happy CTE month! Today’s episode is the third episode in our four-part series on the National Partnership in Recruiting, Preparing and Supporting FCS Educators. I’m really excited to bring on the show, Susan Turgeson, EdD, CFCS, and Jane Walker, PhD, CFCS. Dr. Susan Turgeson has been a member of the faculty at the University of Wisconsin Stevens Point since 2012. She completed a doctoral program in Educational Leadership in 2015 and is currently an associate professor in the School of Health Sciences and wellness. Dr. Jane Walker was installed to serve a three-year term on the AAFCS, also known as the American Association of Family Consumer Sciences, Board of Directors. Dr. Walker, who is also a past president of the North Carolina Association of Family Consumer Sciences. I am really excited for you to tune in on this great conversation!

Episode Notes:

• Can you ever really prepare to honor roll and feeling and Consumer Sciences? It is such a varied discipline and it is constantly evolving, but we do the best we can to give students lots of opportunities, helping them understand the family and consumer sciences body of knowledge is really key. The first piece of that is understanding that no matter what your role in Family and Consumer Sciences might be, we’re all connected through that body of knowledge, understanding that our goal is to help basic human needs, and as we work with individuals, families, and communities across the lifespan. So just helping prepare individuals to understand that they have lots of opportunities in the field, I think is a big part of our role, and then giving them content experience and connecting them with other professionals. Doing that networking is so key.  (7:14)

•The Body knowledge is the theory and the understandings that we have that bring all of our family and consumer sciences professions together, which again is meeting basic human needs, so when we look at the graphic that we have, we’ve got the circle in the middle with basic human needs, and then we surround that with the other content that’s affecting the work that we do. And so when we look at globalization and well-being and research and the other aspects that we need to consider and how those all are working together, again, across the lifespan, there are so many great articles and there are also some great webinars that I would suggest for people to take some time to learn a little bit more about the body of knowledge if it’s not something that they’re familiar with. (11:24)

•  The National Partnership really facilitates collaborative relationships with educational institutions to provide online courses, which is what the course bank or the course repository is all about, and so people who want to teach either high school, middle school or FCS content areas, which would include Cooperative Extension, have access to this repository, which is a listing of courses that meet the FCS standards, so this repository is located FCSed.net, where it provides a list of the courses that meet licensure requirements for FCS educators and interesting enough, there are 11 states that no longer offer the licensure courses that are needed for FCS educators, and so for a student who is in a state that doesn’t offer these courses, this is a wonderful opportunity for them to be able to find out where courses are offered and take a course that would help them gain licensure. (16:36)

• We have a number of scholarships available to help support individuals who are seeking Family and Consumer Sciences degrees, whether that’s undergraduate or graduate level, and on the FCSed.net website, there is a place to access some of those scholarship resources and we absolutely encourage individuals who are seeking scholarships to check out those resources, whether they’re local, regional or national scholarships. The partners for the Alliance for Family and Consumer Sciences, provide resources and scholarships, and again, we would encourage people to go to the website and check out those scholarship resources, it’s great to have some financial support for the work that we do in addition to that moral support that we need. (19:57)

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FEBRUARY 16th, 2022

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