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Hello and welcome back to Connect FCS Ed.

I was so grateful that you could join me in today’s conversation. Today, I just want to reflect on this COVID-19 year, past three months, and reflect on everything that I’ve learned during this process.

But first, before I dive into what I have to say, I want to tell you, you guys, you in the face of adversity, you persevered, we have had to do things that nobody else has ever had to do in education before.

In a moment’s notice, you had to drop everything that you were doing and shift to online learning, you made magic, and it just proves to the world that we don’t need standardized tests because you are the architects for your classroom and for your students.

So I say bravo, and I give you a standing ovation, because you guys are amazing. I love all of the grids that you shared on Facebook or through hyper-docs, Pinterest, everything that’s all over social media. You guys put things together and you helped me become a better teacher, but I know you also supported so many more… So with that, thank you for all of your hard work, your time and dedication to your craft. I just want to go into the meandering of what I have learned over the past three months, and with that, I’ve learned there is no manual to what makes a great teacher, no amount of schooling will ever determine what kind of educational leader you will become. Having a degree from a big college name can influence a hiring committee, but it doesn’t determine how you will reach and teach your students.

Great work in words of John Spencer, he’s an educational consultant for instructional coaches that I like to follow.

He writes, “Educational system throws words around best practices, but there is no guide book, instruction manual or how to videos on how to become a great teacher, because ultimately teaching is a craft.”


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• I have arrived as a creative teacher. You’re always exploring, you’re always experimenting, always innovating. Teaching is all about the overlap between best practice and next practice, focusing on best practice means you get to geek out on educational technology, theory, blogs, podcast, research, observing master teachers. Or in my case, I have become best friends with two of the most incredible SPED and case managers. I am so grateful for their friendship, but also what they’re teaching me over the past couple of months, or even year, they have been teaching me new and innovative ways, to help reach our most vulnerable student population. And I don’t believe there’s anything that I could ever give back that will help them. (4:27)

• But just to paint the picture, my fifth period interior design class, it’s the start of the period, students are walking in, and then all of a sudden, I hear this a shriek of glee, where I had a good group of both, mixed of men and women in my class, but the shriek of joy as they came bowling into my classroom, and then all of a sudden, a couple of the other students who were already in the class set up and gave each other hugs. (6:20)

•  Just like learning and growing, you can do the same amazing projects year after year, that just means that you get to start sharing your expertise with others. For instance, my interior design class, I’ve done the same housing project for the last two trimesters, you might not think that’s not enough time to perfect something, and you’re absolutely right, it’s not… I’m constantly improving it. I want it to become better and better each trimester. Each semester, each year, the thing that I hope that will never happen is that I say I’ve reached perfection. (8:20)

• In my foods classes, I’m also trying to improve, motivate, educate, and encourage my students to change, and to mold, and pursue for more successful and desirable outcome and future. That is something that one of my best friends shared with me, and in reading it, I was extremely humbled. Just going, Wow. I had no idea that you’ve observed me in that kind of way, to be able to write those words of kindness. (10:19)

• Remember, you are the architect of learning for your classroom, you are the artist, creating something new and beautiful, align yourself with people who will support you if you guidance. Those are the people who want to see you become a success, even when you don’t believe in yourself, they will help you stand tall and remind you that you are braver than you believe, stronger than you see, and smarter than you think. Find your tribe, no matter how small or how large, we have a community, and we are better together. (13:18)


June 17, 2020

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