Tisha Richmond: Make Learning Magical

Hello and welcome to today’s episode of Connect FCS ED and I am your host, Barbara Scully. Today, I am super excited to share with you our guest host. She is a teacher, speaker, a Tech Integration Specialist for her own district, as well as a podcast host. She has inspired my own digital learning as well as gamification as a teacher.

She makes learning magical. Please give a warm welcome to our guest, Tisha Richmond.


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• But what happened is I started to bring these devices in to teaching and learning, and I started to find some things that were really working, I noticed that learning was beginning to shift to my classroom, the students, even though it was an elective class, and they had chosen to take it, it was engaging, there was a different level of immersive learning, and empowered learning that I hadn’t experienced before. (4:12)

• It’s comforting to know that I’m not the only one that fails. There’s other people who have too, and that we can learn so much from those stories, as well. And that has probably been the biggest lesson that I’ve learned in the last six years is that we are truly Better Together and we need each other and we can’t remain in our silos. (10:15)

• It’s basically like a video-recording tool where you can create these lessons you can deliver, maybe content to students in the form of a video that you’ve created or another digital tool, or a document, or so many different things that you can add and then students respond back with video and they reflect. And it’s really, really powerful. And one of the, I think, a great tool to use right now as we’re moving to this digital learn distance learning that’s happening. (17:26)

• I mean, the jobs that exist now didn’t exist when we were, at least when I was in high school. The jobs that are going to exist five years from now are going to be different than the jobs that exist today. So we have to be able to equip our students with the skills that are going to be necessary to navigate this, this rapidly changing landscape that we’re living in. (31:29)

• I’m excited for just looking at the different ways, because right now being home with my own family, we’re playing a lot of games, it helps it shift the mindset in mind frame of the way you think, as the games that my kids wanna continuously be playing over and over again. (50:41)


June 3, 2020

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