Dear Patience


Welcome back to Connect FCS Ed, I am so thankful that you’re able to listen in.

So, we have just embarked on our virtual journey into education, this week has been a week of many firsts. This week we have learned a lot, but this week, I have seen more collaboration and more people helping one another than I have seen in a long time.

I may only be in my fourth year as a public education servant, but my children have been in their career of education for years, and the amount of people coming together, extending their services and offering how they can help, and giving and sharing tips and suggestions and advice, it has been fueling my soul.
I am enamored and I am overwhelmed by kindness and generosity. I try really hard to look at the good when there is so much hardship and pain and struggles as we navigate this tight rope of a balance that we have to teeter on. But this week, we had our students for the first time, and we had to dig deep and we had to put in all of the knowledge and all of the resources and all of the preparation that we have been trying to muster and put together, we had to put it to the test.

We had to put that theory into practice, those methods, and let me tell you, it paid off. You can prepare and prepare and prepare as much as you possibly can, and you are never going to be fully prepared to take that first step off of the ledge. But you had to believe in yourself, and that is what I am so in awe of, you believed in yourself. Therefore, you could. You believed in what you had done was good enough, even if you didn’t think you would be able to pull it off, but you did, and that is something to celebrate.

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• I had my students for the first time, September 3rd, but this morning, Saturday morning, I woke up and all of a sudden I could feel every single muscle in my back, in my shoulders, in my head. I’ve had this low, mild headache for over a week, just because of anxiety and stress. But this morning, I woke up feeling all of the feels and going, what is happening? That is emotional trauma. Which is now physically ailing me. But my daughter, my 16-year-old daughter, in fact, as I was journaling, she came down and she’s like, Mom, you need to listen to the song. And I’m like, No, I’m journaling. Not now, Not now. She’s like, No, Mom, I insist. You need to listen to this song. (4:16)

• This school year, I have been sharing with my students, my colleagues and my friends, it is all about patience, grace and flexibility. And let me tell you, because I’m sure many of you are like me. we don’t give ourselves and of grace or patients, nor the flexibility, because we strive for that excellence because we want to put out our very best foot forward. Because not only do we want to share what we can do and be, but we want to hold our students to high standards as well. (10:07)

• And I know we can’t be our best selves if we are carrying the weight of the world, the virtual world on our shoulders. But you will rise and you will figure out a new normal, because this is what it is, we’re all figuring out these new normals, and you’re going to have to learn how to say no, and you’re going to have to learn how to give yourself boundaries when you’ve always been the go-to person with people asking you questions. (11:31)

• I know we are getting slammed with emails and trying to get caught up in trying to stay organized and it is hard, but give yourself the grace, give yourself the flexibility, give yourself the patients, and give yourself boundaries. I’m so thankful for my teacher squad, who I was over at their house last night, and there was about eight of us, and we’re just in the kitchen, just going, deep breath, exhale, and then calm yourselves and say, you know what, I am so thankful to have my teacher squad. (13:22)

• So if you don’t have your teachers squad, count on me. I’ll be your teacher squad and I will cheer you on because we are all in this together, from teachers who don’t teach family consumer sciences and who are part of the core 24, or whatever else they have. We’re all first-year teachers for the very first time, those of who have been in the field for 20 plus years, you guys are amazing, and you have such a wealth of knowledge, and then we have our first year teachers who are… Let me say, you guys are entering the educational realm in such a unique time in history, we’re in that fourth revolution, Industrial Revolution is the digital revolution right now. (14:37)

September 09, 2020

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