Teaching FCS With Technology

Hello and welcome back to Connect FCS Ed. In today’s episode, I’m going to be talking about teaching FCS with technology. By teaching students virtually, I have been researching best practices since March. I have learned a lot about how to effectively create and implement digital instruction and self-paced learning. In this episode I will be sharing some of the resources that have helped me feel successful as a teacher.

All teachers across the nation have really pivoted their pedagogy and methods to embrace the future by becoming virtual educators during this unprecedented and relentless time of covid 19 pandemic. I teach foods and nutrition one, and interior design this school year. But I have really had to tap into my creativity and also my tech side to become innovative with my content. From creating video lectures for my asynchronous learning and providing meaningful and engaging sessions for my synchronous class, time has been a challenge. But we are becoming better for it, planning, organizing and optimizing lessons, it came easy for face-to-face, but virtually that bar is now raised.  

Listen in…


•  Everybody has to be engaged because this is another way that I’m utilizing for attendance. So if you are not engaging in the chat or a meeting yourself or trying to show that you are here, I’m counting you absent. And all of a sudden my chat box, it lights up and the kids are un-muting themselves really fast and it makes it really a fun and engaging way to keep everybody’s attention. (05:08)

•  With Google Classroom campus, it’s awesome stuff. So, I tell you to go check out quizzes, there’s a bunch of stuff for me, in particular for foods and nutrition and interior design. I’m able to just quickly do an instructor look up for principles of design, and then there will be a bunch of already pre-made quizzes from other teachers . (07:00)

•   I’m just finishing up safety and sanitation, and I did 11, 12 and 13 of safety and sanitation, and my last workbook was 13 food borne illnesses. Students were able to click and drag, show how food is cross-contaminated. They talk about what the differences in cutting board colors, and then I had them go search the internet for pictures of eight different types of food-borne illnesses and what they look like under a microscope, and then they had to copy that image and paste it into their workbook.  (09:55)

•  For interior, my students, they’ve been learning values and color schemes, students are creating their own values with monochromatic schemes and their digital paint brushes, so finding Digital interior images demonstrating analogs. (13:45)


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November 04, 2020

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