EP 101: Sharon Davis of The Home Baking Association

Episode Summary

Hello and welcome back to Season 3 of the Connect FCS and Podcast, Episode 101. In today’s episode, we are being sponsored and partnered by The Home Baking Association. Please go to the website, homebaking.org, and sign up for their newsletter. On today’s episode, we have Sharon Davis from the Home Baking Association joining. Sharon Davis is a Family and Consumer Sciences educator and consultant as well as the Director of Program Development and Membership Development for The Home Baking Association. You will love learning from Sharon!

Episode Notes

• I have a real history now with family consumer sciences, I actually started out as a home economist with what they call a vocational education degree. Now it’s called Career and Tech. So that degree from Iowa State, and my continuing ed is with Kansas State University and the American Institute of Baking. So I keep learning, but I landed in home health care to start with, and in-home visitations loved it because I really wanted to learn more about consumers and home life and what people’s needs were, and I always have that passion for making sure that the person at home, whoever it is, whatever each they are, is able to sustain light, not just sustain it, but really be well, be happy(7:48)

• If you go to our website, which is homebaking.org, and across the header there, you’ll find our members. Just click on that and you will see our 32 members. They run the gamut from Sustainable Packaging For big goods that the teacher could use when they do a big bake sale, the cottage industry could use for selling or retail bakers, and then there’s also Thermo Pops, which is offering you all a great deal on Half Price Thermo pops that you could really get your labs up to speed on temperatures and making, and then there’s all the ingredients, sugar used, butter and weak flower, of course.  (10:48)

•  We actually sought out our partnerships very purposefully, because if you look at any kind of food preparation or ingredient knowledge, you know what social media is like right now, you know what the internet is like. It doesn’t always have very well-vetted information, and we want teachers to have reliable recipes and formulas when they’re working with baked goods, ’cause you really can’t waste your time. I had 42 minutes in my classroom and I did not want to use a formula or a recipe with my students that didn’t perform well (15:34 )

•  Right now in the news, you’re hearing about it, there’s a nutrition conference that the President’s Counsel just held, and a lot of times we view sugar as a problematic ingredient, but it’s essential in baking and real sugar, which is made from sugar cane and sugar beets means it’s not an artificial sweetener, and therefore, your body utilizes it quite well and has no risks with it, so if you use it within the moderation that is recommended and you control your portion size (21:02)

• We encourage you to sign up for our e-news, which we send to about 120000 educators every month where they get the latest scoop… Literally on the newest resources, many of which are free or opportunities to connect with industry, so don’t miss that chance, I also blog every month, then we send out a calendar, so don’t miss the latest October baking calendar hacks and hospitality. It’s our website on homebaking.org.

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October 12th, 2022

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