Ep 90: Dr. Dave, Family Life Educator, and Utah ExtensionSpecialist

In today’s episode, I’m really excited to have with me Dr. Dave, or Dave Schram on campus. Dave Schramm is an associate professor and family life extension specialist at Utah State University in the Department of Human Development and Family Studies where he teaches Interpersonal family relationships to students. What he’s really most passionate about is actually going out into the communities and talking about positivity and resilience, managing stress. So let’s tune in to hear what Dr. Dave has to say.

Episode Notes:

•  Especially in our time right now, and there’s so much stress going on.  The simple science back to practices, these little things that people can do that can improve their personal well-being… I’ll give you some examples, my two favorites probably are gratitude, just the power of the science of gratitude. Simply being mindful of others and expressing that gratitude to others, and the second one is kindness, just random acts of kindness.  (2:58)

• One thing to make me happy, something I’m grateful for is something that day that I loved, and then I choose to do that. I encourage families to do that at the end of their day. We are all wanting to end the day on a positive and happy note, and plus, you learn all kinds of things for your children about what made them happy and how they did on tests at school, or who they helped, or… Those are the things. So it’s these little practices that we can do… It could be at dinner time, it can be right before they go to bed, but these little rituals can be really meaningful. (11:38) 

• I got my Ph.D. in Human Development and Family Studies from Auburn University in Alabama, and then I worked at the University of Missouri for nine years as an extension specialist. Extension specialist, is really it’s about taking the research that’s out there and developing into programs, such as parenting programs where my three areas of specialty are parenting, couples relationships and the kinds positivity, this Positive Psychology, this happiness. So those are my three areas positivity, parenting, marriage, relationships.  (15:43)

• In fact, my AI surveyed over 1300 people when I was at the University of Missouri, I asked him, Is the two questions the shortest survey of my career, and it was, to me, life is all about… And then fill in the blank. I had people of all these one or two words, to me, life is all about from like… And if I were to die tomorrow, what I would miss the very most would be… And then fill in the blank. Overwhelmingly, it was family.  It’s the relationship to this life and most people. No, it doesn’t mean that work isn’t satisfying can bring fulfillment, but when it comes down to it… Man. It’s about family relationships.  (19:10)

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MARCH 2nd, 2022

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