2022 Kickoff and KP Compass Curriculum with Nai Wang

Hello and welcome back to season two, January 19th, 2022 connect FCS Ed podcast kickoff. I am so glad to have you joining me. I am excited to share some really cool, exciting things coming up on the show. Today with me, I’m gonna have a phenomenal guest speaker or co-host, Nai Wang of KP Curriculum. He is sharing some really exciting new adventures that he is putting forth and hoping that will inspire you to join him in his cause, followed with next week’s release with Executive Director, Melissa Martin of Phi Upsilon Omicron, which is a National Honor Society for Family and Consumer Sciences educators. Followed with February being CTE month and I will be doing a 4-part series with the National Partnership for Family and Consumer Sciences. Again, a lot of great current and upcoming conversations and resources to share with you. I am excited to have you learn with me!

Episode Notes:

•  At KP Compass Curriculum, our mission is to elevate education by basically thinking out of the box, so we develop so much the different technologies and techniques, and basically using the aspect of… We’re coming in and looking from the outside to identify the needs of the teachers, and based on what people complain the most we put on in our thinking caps instead of doing like what most people do is just a technology augmentation of what is currently being done.  (11:34)

• So at the time when we started online didn’t really exist very much, so we did it on computers, so we wrote our own software. When you filled our own videos on hand-held cameras, not these fancy iPhones now do worry about lighting and contrast and all that kind of stuff, and actually it took 10 years to build the color curriculum because we did it in pieces. So we started out small and built, made it bigger and bigger and bigger and bigger, but we kept… We brought to market in 2000. It was a fraction of it, of what it is now, and actually funny story is text programs and technology didn’t exist, so having a computer in a fax classroom was a very foreign thing. I went to a business or the computer lab. So when we first started, we actually shipped our software on computers so that the teachers actually were able to use it in the classroom, which is really unorthodox, but that’s how we got started. (15:27)

• We are word of mouth-driven  and during lockdown, one of the most amazing feedback I got was, even though the students are remote, they’re still engaged, they learned the content, they were able to pass the safer manager certification, which is a very difficult certification, whereas compared to other products or other subject matter, which is just a flat content, what we call fly content is like you have a car point lecture video, it doesn’t create that engagement that the students desperately need, and this basically, it was video game-driven society that we’re in now. (21:02)

• I think the pandemic has proven the fact, because these kids were basically down to the dump, stuck at home and not really wanting to learn, so you have to… You have to meet them at their level. You have to meet them in the world that they’re in, and having an intelligent system that provides targeted feedback and also give some rewards because just going back to the good old-fashioned stars on stickers that we use, we hardly love in the classroom, but us being more sophisticated using software and analytics, we are able to accomplish that, and mastery is the key. (22:31)

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January 19th, 2022

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