Integrate FCCLA into the classroom with Alaina Tharp & Sherry Vogel

Today, we are continuing our FCCLA learning journey, and with me today, I have 2 amazing co-hosts is Sherry Vogel and Alaina Tharp. Sherry is in her 33rd year of teaching, as well as 29th year of being an FCCLA advisor and Alaina Tharp, who is in her fifth year teaching along with fifth year FCC LA advisor, but she has a really neat background because she was a student in high school doing FCCLA. You will love learning from these two!

Episode Notes:

• Alaina, you were already bought in being a student, so… What made you want to continue doing FCCLA? Going into the classroom, I think one of the biggest reasons that I was so here to get started quickly, I was a four-year member in high school, but I really didn’t take that full-on leap and really get extremely active until my senior year, and by that time… You were out of time. So I was just super exciting to be able to get back my first teaching job and FCCLA chapter was the chapter that I was a part of, it kind of fell dormant for a little bit and I was able to bring it back and just being able to share little experiences. (3:01)

• My motto has always been, You wanna work smarter and not harder and I believe that FCCLA does that for our FCS advisors in the classroom. So I think one of the best place to start integrating is looking at maybe one of the national programs that you feel that reflects in your classroom the best, and maybe that’s families first, there’s eight national programs that you can choose from, and you can integrate probably every project  from the national program into every one of your classes. And so I think that’s a good way to be in, and you can begin small and then continue to build up every year with what you’re doing. (4:26)

• From my end, my kids love Star events, and that’s kind of what we have focused on in the competitive events arena. But, I integrate the star events, again, there’s so many different kinds of star events that you can do, and my students have always been really good about taking the bull by the horns and doing that… Those kind of things, by integrating star events into your classroom is probably one of the simplest things that you can do, for instance, professional presentation, we all do those in our classroom, and you’re picking a topic in kids present on the topic. So you can actually use the rubrics from the competitive events guide and put that into your classroom.  (9:41)

• We do a lot of peer education projects and that’s a huge program in our state, and we focus on some different national programs with that, and our members are doing three projects throughout the year. These are projects that our officers,  and  the students come up with  on their own, and then they get recognized at the state conference for that. Super simple kinds of things.  We also have our own state competitive events and they’re lots of fun, like a 15 wardrobe challenge or… Okay, decorating contest or a 10 meal challenge, as things like that. And it gets kids interested in that if the kids not really full on with the competitive kind of things, there’s another opportunity for them, and so many states offer those kinds of things to look at what the state is offering too, and that’s another kind of integration thing into your classroom, like my food and nutrition class is going to do the 10 meal challenge. (17:17)

•  I think probably one of the things that I would suggest that they get is find someone in their area that can be a mentor to them and learn all they can from that person, contact them if you have questions, such as, I don’t understand this, can you help you with this or?… Those kind of things, I think that’s important. And use those mentors as you can to ask questions, I would suggest also starting out small and growing. I guess one of the things I did not do, I jumped in with both feet. And sometimes you get a little stale as you keep going, so you have to find some new things, so… And I know Alana has mentioned to you, start small and just keep growing, find those things in FCCLA that are gonna be of benefit to you and to your members and keep going and participate. (33:10)

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DECEMBER 1st, 2021

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