Teacher Spotlight: Breonna Baker 1st Year Educator

Welcome to Connect FCS Ed, thank you so much for listening. I’m your host Barbara Scully and today I am excited to interview a brand new first year interior design and principles of family educator from North Carolina, Breonna Baker, and this months Teacher Spotlight.

Listen in…


•    How are you doing today? I am definitely that type of person to get to the root of the person, just to get to know them, when I do the same thing with a lot of kids, how’s your day today? And I feel like even though they’re high school, I gotta bring my voice down a little bit with them, but the same principles occur get into the heart of the matter, and that’s making sure we understand that they’re focused in their minds and in their hearts, where it’s shared with me. (4:02)

•   I believe they need that assurance that it’s okay, especially with this pandemic, it has really shifted the mental health of the students that we see. Because we are now used to doing what took us a quick, maybe two or three days, we’re having to stretch it and try to re-teach it because somebody missed it. We were re-teaching before, but it’s on a whole other level now.  (5:43)

•    I love how she did it on the computer, but I was able to really show the students how to manipulate the elements through a platform called Canva. And now, the kids are able to set the tone. We talked about how color has a little tool in the culture behind the board, and so with all of that together, the students have actually developed their own boards recently, that was one of their projects and they turned out very well. (7:27)

• I don’t know how it’s done in North Carolina per se, but is your class able to offer certifications in any sort of way? At this time, no. But my goal is to hopefully re-commit with the first interior designer and see if this summer she would allow, maybe two to three students to be under her as interns. Because I have three students who seriously want to go in to interior design. (17:54)


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February 10, 2021

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