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Hello and welcome back to Connect FCS Ed, I am your host Barbara Scully. Thank you so much for joining me today!

On today’s episode, I am thrilled to share with you my interview with Susie Olson from Nasco Education. Nasco education has supplies and resources that are specially curated for the family and consumer sciences educator.

Being such a diverse subject matter area, they carry a lot of the little things that you would probably have to go out to numerous stores, or numerous websites to find or curate for yourself.

Susie is a family and consumer sciences educator, with a passion for the subject. She was hired to curate this collection of products for you, and what you find in there is basically a complete curriculum, electronic and digital resources that you can access for free solutions for entire school districts, as well as solutions for your family and consumer sciences classroom.

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•  As a culinary teacher, I spent years doing that, and I went on daily shopping trips, especially because I wanted to show to my students that the best cooking comes from the best, most fresh products. I’m not going to buy things in bulk, I want to make an impression, have fresh things. (5:02)

•  We have a lot of really awesome little things that work well in our subject area. So I’m just here to serve as a guide… A guide to you, the teacher in the classroom, and to help you with increasing your students outcome and increasing everything that you want to do and making your life simpler.   (7:51)

•  I always refer to it as a.spoonful of sugar makes the medicine go down. So there’s lots of things in life that we have to do that are not always that fun, but we can make them fun and meaningful at the same time, and that’s really the goal that I have is to help you make those learning opportunities as painless as possible. (9:28)

•  I was working in the food service industry at the time when I was in college, and at that point in time, it was the food service industry that came to my rescue. I started as a hostess, went to be a waitress, became an expediter. I was being moved up in the restaurant industry all along, and then they wanted me to be a trainer, so I had a little training experience, and then I had this college teacher who said, you can’t give up, you’re a woman, and I’m rooting for you. And she was like that one who kicked me in the pants, and said, you’re not about to give this up, you’re too close, you’ve got to figure out a different plan, so get on your resourcefulness hat and get back out there. (13:04)

•  I wanted to also let you know that we are working on building our social media. We would like it to be more visible, and I would like to have people reaching out to me to help with resources, and helping them figure things out. In this time, as well as any time, to help them create custom kids, or whatever it is that they need. (18:54)


May 27, 2020

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