2020 Year End Review & Reflection

Welcome to Connect FCS Ed. I’m so glad that you’re back, thank you so much for listening. I’m your host Barbara Scully and thank you so much for listening. So, now we can officially say hindsight is 2020, and a quote that I came across as I was composing my family’s Christmas holiday newsletter was, life can only be understood backwards, but it must be lived forward. We have been living in the forward this whole past year. We have been living life in the fast lane as well as learning on the fly. We have gone from the fear zone, where grabbing food, toilet paper and medications that you don’t need, and emotions spread related to fear and anger. Getting mad easily. That’s the fear zone. Then we went into the learning zone where we were able to start identifying emotions, become aware of situations and think how to act. We’ve been able to evaluate information before spreading something false, and most importantly, recognize that we’ve all been trying to do our best. Let us move forward into the growth zone where thinking of others and figuring out how to help them live in the present and focus on the future.

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• We’ve been teaching everyone to stretch, breathe the dance, play music and sing and rejoice amongst our ZOOM classes or hybrid classes, our flex classes are face-to-face classes. 2020 may not have been the year many of us asked for, but as I look in my review mirror and reflect on this relentless year, 2020 has taught me some valuable life lessons, never be complacent and to always be planning for change. (3:11)

• You have stretched my mind, you have given me so many inspirational ideas on how I could bring into my classroom for my own teaching, my own craft. Early this last year, I took a huge leap of faith when I came up with the idea that I was going to create a podcast for my culminating project to earn my master’s degree. Let me tell you, it was scary. Putting my voice out there, for many of us, who all have social media, yes, we can text and we can edit, and we can share pictures, but putting your voice out there, that’s something else, that’s scary in a completely different area. Because now all of a sudden, we’re human we can’t edit our words that we say, unless we erase the entire recording, but putting your voice out there, you become human, and your voice can tremor, and you can hear fear, you could hear intrepidation, but you can also hear excitement, rejuvenation, passion.   (8:21)

•  But I took that giant step into the unknown, and you’ve been helping guide me by informing me what you’re wanting to listen to. I love statistics, and so with those statistics, I see all the data and the trends, and I’m able to see what episodes are ranking higher than others, and I’m able to take that information and I’m able to create a new podcast episode because of that information. Or, maybe you send me a private message through a messenger. I read everything. I love it. And thank you. All I can say is thank you, I’m better because of you. (12:00)

•  So many amazing people who have come onto the podcast to share their stories and the resources, because of them, I believe we’re all the better for it. So I’m really excited for the future of connect FCS Ed. I am so excited for what is yet to come. In the beginning of this journey, I didn’t know where this podcast was going to take me. And let me tell you, I still don’t know where it’s going to take me, but I’m excited about the journey. The journey is what makes it fun.   (16:14)

•   I look to you, my leaders, everybody within the FCS community, you are a leader, and I look to you and you have allowed me to become my best. Thank you for listening. Thank you for helping me pivot my own online learning with you in real time. Thank you for allowing me to struggle, thank you for giving me the encouragement to persevere, I am all the better because of it. And I’m all the better because of you. I am excited for the future, I am excited for 2021, I’m excited to meet each and every single one of you. So, my call to action for you is to join me on the podcast this year, join me, share and let’s make this year best yet to come. (23:28)


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January 06, 2021

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