A Look Back and Forward – Season One Finale!

Welcome to Connect FCS Ed, thank you so much for listening. I’m your host Barbara Scully. Sharing our stories inspires and turns into action. Do not be afraid of your own voice. It’s a tool. This summer I am going to focus on personal wellness and summer adventures with my family. I am not going to sit in front of my computer for hours turning my curriculum into online content, or working on my master’s degree or figuring out how to podcast, but this summer I am taking my family to the Grand Canyon to explore. I am excited to continue my journey with you and bring the Connect FCS Ed podcast back to you in early September when we all are back in school. The goal for myself is to always outdo myself to bring you meaningful content and resources that will help you be a better teacher and how to help your students learn. Together, we are better together! Let’s make an impact with #FCSStorytelling. The future is exciting!

Ready? Listen in…


•   Listening to my early podcast releases, I hear my trepidation, I feel my fear, but fast-forward to today, I can say that I did it with the help of my podcast editor and mentor, Jody Colvard, and all of the collective voices of our FCS community, we have all made an impact. We truly are better together. So my advice to you and myself moving forward, do not be afraid of your own voice. (2:24)

•   There are so many people that I have leaned hard into this past year, and it’s only growing myself to become better, and I am so thankful to everybody who has been a part of my journey, my mentors and who I have sought counsel, is everyone who has joined me on an episode and future guests. Thank you for building me, leading and guiding me with that, this episode is the season finale, episode 64. (5:11)

•   I’m excited to continue my journey with you and bring the Connect FCS Ed podcast back to you in the beginning of September with the new website look. But I will always do my best to help you be a better teacher and how to help students learn. My goal is to outdo myself every week helping you. To give you the best I need to replenish me. I want to produce episodes that you want to listen to and help you grow and inspire you to help lead and mentor others. (6:43)

•   I hope you have an amazing summer and you’re able to reconnect and reflect all of our learning from this past year. The future is exciting. Ready? Together, we are better. Let’s make an impact with FCS storytelling. I look forward to bringing back the Connect FCS Ed podcast to you this coming September, but always, you are more than welcome to reach out to me, share whatever you want, because we want to hear from you, we all have something powerful to share. (8:58)


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JUNE 23, 2021

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