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Thank you for joining me on the first episode of the Connect FCS ED podcast. I sit here in my classroom right now, it’s the end of the day and I am just excited to share with you my story.

I am a relatively… A brand new teacher, I’ve only been in the classroom for the last three years. family consumer science wasn’t even something on my radar, I just wanted to get into the classroom and make an impact. And through one of my alternative pathways, I was able to get plugged into a teaching program which gave me the opportunity to apply for a family consumer science extended leave replacement position.

That is the beginning of my story and I am so excited to share with you, that it’s not my ending, it’s only the beginning.


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• So I had to go back to school after my own four-year degree was finished and I then got plugged into, It’s called Great Plains Interactive Distance Online Learning, GP ideas. And they have a plethora of amazing programs that you could get yourself endorsed in, certified in, or continuing your own education.   (1:52)

• So being in the, this a student teaching section of my program, I have a couple of more classes to take. I am going to be taking this incoming spring quarter, I will be taking an online interior design class, and I will be finishing up the second part to my student teaching, then into my summer. I will be taking the last section to interior design.  (3:17)

• So the web, which is your basic reading, writing, and math, then I have this portfolio that I’m going to be compiling with all of my student data and assessment data. I have different profiles within family consumer science, and at the end of that I… From what I’ve heard, it’s about a 35 page document, so I will be submitting that portfolio. In waiting to hear back, if I pass this portfolio, it has myself all sorts of concern, because I am not a good student, I’m a mom, I’m a teacher, which I love, and I’m a student at the same time while continuously trying to professionally develop myself, so I wear many hats and so I’m proud of the job that I do.  (4:48)

• So, I’m just excited to share with you my story of how I got to my current position. And I’m excited to grow with you, I’m excited to share whatever resources I have, and share with you the plethora of individuals that want to share their stories and have somebody else to listen to, that is within our field.  (6:11)

• Because something that I’ve noticed we do not have a lot of opportunities, we are constantly going to meetings that involve General Education, which is rightly so, we should. But we also need to be supported with other STEM classes and other sort of plcs on helping our own departments, and departments individuals grow and develop.   (6:40)


May 01, 2020

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