E-Portfolios and Online Learning with Gencie Houy, Texas Tech

Welcome to Connect FCS Ed. I’m so glad that you’re back, thank you so much for listening. I’m your host Barbara Scully and today I have an amazing guest with me, Gencie Houy. Gencie has over 15 years of professional experience within family and consumer sciences education. This experience includes sixth through 12th grade FCS classroom instruction. She has CTE administration, writing curriculum, and post-secondary instruction and administration. She has a bachelor’s degree in FCS from Texas Tech University, and a Master’s Degree in Educational Administration from Lamar University. She is currently in the FCS doctoral program at Texas Tech. So Gencie, along with all of this, her experience and her expertise is in coordinating, mentoring and supervising students and student teachers, building one of the most effective ways of producing highly qualified FCS educators to fill in the in-demand education pipeline.


•   I’m preparing students to be family consumer sciences teachers. And one of the things I do in the freshman level course is I actually have them compile a live binder of all of the resources that they have found, and they actually have to collect some sort of document or website or media for five different content areas in family consumer sciences. So, maybe they’re going to have a tab that’s on culinary arts, or maybe they’re going to have another tab that’s for child development, maybe one for your food and nutrition, and then underneath those tabs, they have all of the resources that are going to help them and guide them into becoming that professional educator.(3:58)

•   There’s a lot of different platforms that you can use for e-portfolios, and the one I love is live finders, that’s the one I focus on. There’s also things like web quests that you could put together, and I would definitely, as a professional family consumer science is educator, I would put together a live binder that maybe has your credentials in it or use some sort of a portfolio that way, (7:56)

•   My husband, he’s a secondary educator, teaches high school engineering, and of course, when it moved to all virtual, it was extremely difficult for him as well to move his stuff virtual. We has since gone back face-to-face, but it’s face-to-face and virtual at the same time, so those students who don’t want to come face-to-face can log and virtually. My husband is teaching face-to-face at the same time that he’s teaching virtually, and for the first, like you said, until October November, he just is exhausted.  (30:28)

•   Those reflective journals have really helped me, as an instructor, to reach out to students individually and just connect with them on our normal FCS mentoring way that we always do in our classroom. So I’ve been able to make those connections with these post-secondary students and some of them, they may not ever get that. Texas Tech is a large school. You could have a major where there’s hundreds of people in your classes and you never find that cohort group, so I think it’s important that they do make those connections.  (37:09)


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January 27, 2021

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