Teacher Appreciation Week


Hello and welcome to Connect FCS Ed, I am so excited that you are listening and you’re here no matter what you’re doing.

It is Teacher Appreciation Week, and there’s a lot to be said about being appreciated during this this time period that we’re in.

If you have animals, I think your animals appreciate the fact that you’re home, because I can tell you that mine do.

I think once we go back to school and we’re back in a routine our animals are going to be completely lost. Not knowing, where did my people go? Because right now, I am at home sitting in front of my computer, I’m at my dinner table, my trusty boxer Manny is laying next to me on the floor, and who knew my daughter who’s 16, is directly across from me at the table, doing her remote learning with her bird.


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• I am so fortunate to not only have found my passion and purpose within FCS education, but I have found my tribe, my friends, my people. How lucky am I. How lucky are you! (2:23)

• We are passionate about our students learning, but I think most of all, we are passionate about our students. When we do not hear from our students, we begin to worry, we make phone calls, we email our counselors and maybe we even connect with the communities of schools, just to help with follow-ups. (3:20)

• I understand what you’re experiencing and I know you’re turning lemons into lemonade, you are incredible. (3:56)

• I know we can’t do it alone, we are better together, and we will be better in the future because of this adversity that we all are sharing. (4:46)

•  My question to you, how are you staying positive and motivated during this weird classroom shift to remote learning?  (5:25)


May 06, 2020

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