Hello and welcome back to Connect FCS Ed, I am your host Barbara Scully and I am really excited that you’re here with me today.

Today’s podcast is about something extremely serious and what is happening in the great state of Washington.

Yes, I know most of my episodes of this podcast are really Washington centered, but I am trying my best to branch out and talk more nationally, bringing in guests from other states. But right now what I have is local and I’m going to utilize them to the very best of my ability.

COVID, or the Coronavirus is extremely contagious, and dangerous right now, it is happening here in my state. As of yesterday at 3:30 PM, districts in western Washington, my old community, because I just uprooted my entire family over to Eastern Washington a year-and-a-half ago. I raised my family there in King County Covington, specifically Kent for 15 years, and now I’m over here and just listening and watching what is happening and it’s crazy. A lot of hysteria and panic.


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• So in last night, thinking about all of the 600,000 students not in school today, not knowing what is gonna be happening on Monday, for me, at least. But the students who are not going to be in school, for such a long time. And I just I can’t stop but think about, and worry about, those students who would…If the home isn’t a safe place, if they don’t have a home, if they don’t get the meals.  (5:29)

• But I’ve been telling my students, that they don’t have to worry, they will not lose out. If school is cancelled, because I’m the kind of teacher that, six months ago I actually put all of my content online, I have it on a backup server and I’m able to drop it in whatever I want, but I also have my thumb drive and email and whatnot.  (8:07)

• I actually shared this with my administrators this morning in an email saying, Hey, I’m very technology strong in these areas, and if you need me to, I’m more than happy to help out any teacher that needs assistance in uploading their content and curriculum online, so that they have access and be able to share that with their students freely. (9:51)

• I love Google Classroom. It is an amazing platform and all the hyper-docs and everything. Oh my gosh, go to family Consumer Science hyper-docs Facebook page and Wow! Everybody who has ever uploaded their information onto that resource, thank you so much, you are the unsung heroes in helping everybody, so thank you to everybody who has contributed to that because, you know, you help me tick. Honestly, I love it, so thank you. (12:20)

• We have to shut down that the racism and all the other myths that are going along with this disease. We need facts, and we need truth, and we need to be kind. And this morning, I woke up and watching the news, and social media and everything like that, I got to school and I forgot to even mention to my own kids about what I was listening to last night and everything. But when I was at school it just dawned on me right before first period, and I was being transparent with them, with my first period students, all my students, really what was happening? But I told them, I go a Holy cow, guys, did you know that our custodians are the unsung heroes of our schools?   (19:13)


May 02, 2020

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