Phases Of A First Year Teacher

Hello and welcome back to Connect FCS Ed, I’m your host Barbara Scully. Do you remember your first year as a teacher? Were you hired as an afterthought? Meaning you are hired after the start of the school year. Are you a career changer in the education field? Or did you go to school to become a teacher? We all became teachers because we wanted to make a difference in the lives of the up and coming youth. We all have a teacher that impacted our own educational experiences, that made it all the better.

For me, it was Mrs. McDade, who was my study hall and Life Skills teacher. And Mr. Vanni, who was my English teacher, as well as athletic director at my school. Mr. Vanni was not only an athletic director, but in his former years, he was a professional boxer, which means his nose was much larger than the average nose, and he also talked in a nasal pitch, only because he got punched so many times.

They poured so much time energy and into me. And it’s because of them, I wanted to give back by paying it forward. Their legacy lives on in me, and I know your experiences and the people who dedicated their time into developing you…you are honoring them. Being a teacher is hard, but it’s for the love of the craft and the relationships formed, that we always go above and beyond for others.

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•    I have a degree in Information Technology administrative management, but in order for me to have a certificate in family consumer sciences and to be able to be a certified teacher in that area, I had to go back to school and get my master’s degree in family consumer sciences. (02:46)

•   Many of us have seen the graph, Phases of a First Year Teacher, A Roller Coaster of Emotions. The first phase starts in July through September with the anticipation, the gearing up, the excitement, followed with October falling into that survival phase. Then November through January is the point of disillusionment or the pit of despair, as I refer to it as, it is the lowest point on the emotional roller coaster of a first year teacher, and we’re currently at this point right now in the year. (04:51)

•   I look forward to March where your feelings will start to change from disillusionment to rejuvenation, tell yourself that things will get better and look for things which you can be grateful for. Gratitude snaps through Tisha Richmond right now, be grateful for what we are and where we are at today. I am grateful for Saturdays, Saturdays for which I can smile and relax and not have to worry about the compounding of emails that I have had to sift through all of this week. Enjoy the holiday break with your family and remember to unplug, we are all on this roller coaster together and we are headed to an upswing. I promise. (08:20)

•    I’ve benefited by spending the past months discussing ideas, learning from others and putting those ideas into practice. My recommendation to you is to create your own PLC and join online webinars, learning new skills for this year, as well as future years to come. Virtual teaching is not going away. So pivot. (9:38)


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November 25, 2020

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