Taylor Key: FCS Teacher Sharing Personalized Learning Strategies

Welcome to Connect FCS Ed, thank you so much for listening. I’m your host Barbara Scully. On today’s episode I have an amazing guest, her name is Taylor Key. Listen in as we showcase various personalized learning strategies such as Station Rotation, Flexible playlist, a must do- may do, and genius hour.

Ready? Let’s go…


•    So a couple of years ago, I was selected by my administration to be on our county-wide personalize learning team. I had seen some of the different really personalize learning strategies that I was already incorporating in smart classroom, so they selected me to be part of this team. (3:37)

•   Genius Hour is just an extended learning opportunity for students, and so that way you don’t have students sitting on your kitchen counter tops or causing distractions for your learners who are still finishing up their lab. (7:15)

•   I actually did my learning menu as a menu, which was really cool. They had an appetizer main core stage and a desert. So they had to complete something, an advertiser section, the main course, the sodas, and then the dessert was completely extra credit, and it was just really for those kids who finished early and wanted to do another aspect of their project. (12:17)

•   They could either make a restaurant menu or they can make a social media page for their restaurant. I actually had a couple of people that made Instagram pages for their restaurant, which was really cool to see. They could have made an advertisement, where they could have interviewed someone that lived in that region.  (14:07)

•  I think one of the best things about being an FCS teacher is our content, we can implement all of these strategies. Maybe it’s a little bit more difficult than some, but I feel like we are so fortunate to be able to offer such a wide range of strategies where I have instructional coaches, much like you, who are constantly asking, Hey, what do you do in your class that benefits our English language learners, and it’s like, Oh well, we have word walls, we have technology, we’re constantly focusing on different vocabulary and repetition to really understand, which also helps all language learners. (19:42)


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MAY 26, 2021

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