Dr. Carol Werhan: The Alphabet Soup of FCS Organizations

Welcome to Connect FCS Ed, thank you so much for listening. I’m your host Barbara Scully. On today’s episode I am chatting with Dr. Carol Werhan about the Alphabet soup of FCS Organizations in the U.S. Dr. Werhan has a PhD in Philosophy, she is the FCS teacher at Purdue University, as well as the program coordinator of Family Consumer Sciences education at Purdue. In addition, she is on the board of directors of FCC LA, she is the co-chair of FCS Alliance in Indiana, co-chair of FCS Alliance, the VP of FCS division in ACTE and she was the Director at Large for AAFCS, and she is now the Indiana Affiliate President.

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•  So when we think about the FCS alphabet soup, we know we have several organizations that support educators, teacher educators and extension. I would like to focus, particularly on those that are about the secondary educator and the University educator, and one that I would bring up is the Association for Career and Technical Education ACTE. (6:10)

•  This is a sub-group of ACTE FCS division. That’s the middle school high school teacher. They focus on the information and needs of the middle and high school teacher, then another sub-grade is called NATE FCS, National Association of Teacher Educators, of Family Consumer Sciences. Those are the people working at Universities and preparing FCS teachers. I think the term teacher educator is sometimes confusing to people. I think sometimes people think, Well, that’s the same thing, the teacher and educator is the same thing, but the teacher educator is someone at a University preparing people to be teachers. (12:06)

•   In my interior design class, I put on a tour of homes at the end of the trimester, where they’re showcasing their 3D model of their home that they have created out of a cardboard box and everything. They created a generated model, 2D. A floor plan they wrote up, it’s kind of following along the rubric, the star rubric of interior design is very similar. (29:27)

•  Yes, there’s so much support, there’s support for people who have gone through traditional programs and support for those people that had been alternatively licensed. This is your team, and I’m not completely sure there’s any other secondary content area that has such a team, professional people that want to help you be successful as Family Consumer Sciences. (41:35)

•  So we have so many ways for people to make connections, if you’re in the high school or middle school and you’re the only FCS teacher, sometimes you need your people, and you can get your people through these various organizations and then also give back. You’ve got great things to talk about with their classrooms. Right now, there are ways for you to present at state conferences and national conferences. (49:51)


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JUNE 02, 2021

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