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Welcome to Connect FCS Ed, thank you so much for listening. I’m your host Barbara Scully. Today’s amazing guest is Ms. Alyssa Maddux, and she is a teacher in Austin, Texas. Her primary focus this year has been culinary arts. But we’re going to be talking about classroom wish lists; what a teacher wishes for when starting at a new school, such as the adminstration participation, other teachers, environment, classrooms, etc… Because Alyssa is moving back up to the great state of Washington!

Listen in…


•    So I grew up in Nebraska, I went to university there. Actually, my senior year of college, I decided to become a teacher, and so I started when I was 23, 24, two years in Nebraska, and I was living with my parents, and I just needed to get out and explore the world, become an independent adult, and I kind of just picked a spot on the map, packed my car, drove three days and moved to Seattle. (4:05)

•  The biggest thing that I mean personally, to be a great teacher is to be working in a community that’s supportive, I feel like so many other things fall into place. It might be nice the first day to get a tour of the school, it might be nice to know who’s who within the first couple of days and to really be integrated that way, but if you’re in a school where there’s no support or it’s a negative vibe, or you just feel alone or you feel like you’re not part of the school community.   (6:50)

•  It’s paying it forward, isn’t it? That is a… Yes, yes, when it comes to your classroom wish list as you are starting to a new district and we can… It’s like speed dating, right? It’s a courtship of looking at a district, seeing what they got going on. And like, Oh, what does your CTE budget look like? Right? That’s a big deal. Will be supplied the adequate materials that you’re going to need or are you going to have to pay out of pocket for things that should be supplied. (19:51)

• There are a couple of things that I’ve really reflected on this year that I thought I was doing well, and then virtual teaching just kinda came and said, This could be better… We could do this in a better way. And a couple of things I started doing. So at the base level, my slides, which this might sounds so not important for a lot of people, but for me, I like my classroom to feel homey and kids are coming to school, so we don’t have that, so my slides this year, I always have a starter slide and there’s music or there was a fire place during the winter. It’s welcoming, it’s inviting. It’s a little bit of who I am. (26:12)

• I think every teacher is going through it, we are all learning how to survive, it really is just a year of survival, and not only just for us, but we’re about 30 kids in every class, potentially in a regular year, we’re managing their lives too, we know whatever they bring into our class, but now they’re bringing all those teenage things, plus everything that comes in with a pandemic. So I think us teachers, deserve a pat on the back because it’s been a rough year, but I think now that we’re kind of coming towards to the end. We still can’t quite see the end of the tunnel, but we know it’s there. It’s there, better be there. (34:35)


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MAY 19, 2021

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