Unexpected Connections, My FCS Success Story


Hi, and welcome back to Connect FCS Ed, I’m your host, Barbara Scully, and I just want to say thank you so much for listening.

I am excited, I am pumped, I am jazzed that we’re coming into the new 2021 school year. And a lot is happening. Our feeds are full of new and innovative creative ideas for remote learning. We’re in this COVID-19 era, where we do not know what is going to happen next, tomorrow, maybe sometimes minute to the minute. But I wanted to just kind of share with you an unexpected connection, and my FCS success story.

But before I go into that, I want to personally say thank you, I am humbled because earlier this week I announced that the Connect FCS Ed podcast has reached over 1000 downloads. That’s huge! I have just released my 17th episode, and I have already reached past that 1000 download mark. This is not a solo, or one person effort, it is a community. You are my community.

The FCS community is a live, vibrant, and we’re energized because we get to put all of our creative energy and juices into making the whole child, or a student, be successful in life. We’re giving our students, our parents, our community, the future with giving them these skills of cooking, nutrition, childhood education, nurturing, social and emotional learning, connections, relationships, knowing how to create and become somebody that is important. All of our students are important, everybody that we are associated with, are important. I feel like I am important to you, and with that, I’m humbled and I am so grateful that you are listening, you are listening to not only my voice, but you were listening to the so many amazing guests that I have had on the show. And that speaks volumes. So, this is not a podcast just about me or just about what I am experiencing, this is a podcast for you, and what you are experiencing.

Ready, let’s get started…


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• I want to share your stories, I want to listen to your stories because we are better together, and I keep saying that. That’s been kind of my mantra throughout this whole thing, and I hadn’t even considered it because it was an unexpected outcome, reaching 1000 downloads! (3:03)

• I am going to be defending my Master’s degree project, August 18th. My program director, she just emailed me this morning, and I’m so excited. And this podcast, the Connect FCS Ed podcast, your podcast, it was birthed, it was conceived out of meeting a project for this Master’s degree. But, I have been supported and guided along the way throughout this whole project. I needed a project and I had no idea what I wanted to do. It wasn’t until I was listening to a girlfriend’s podcast, that she had just released, and then all of a sudden, all the gears in my brain, all of a sudden started turning going, oh, my gosh, this is something that I want to do. (4:23)

•  I know that my journey is not ending, it’s only beginning. The Connect FCS podcast is a collection of stories, inspiration, motivation, adventures, best practices, classroom management, labs, it’s full of our collective stories, and stories matter. You matter, I want you to join me on this podcast. I want to have you share your stories, your research, your adventures. Do you have a story like mine, where you never thought that you would graduate college, let alone get a master’s degree? (7:53)

• The more we share our stories, the more relatable we become and the better off that we can recruit the future. So, I thank you so much for listening, thank you so much for downloading. I thank you so much for continuing to support this project, which has become a passion, I am passionate about hearing your stories, sharing your stories, because we are better together. (8:45)

August 05, 2020

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