Phi Upsilon Omicron, National FCS Honor Society with Melissa Martin

Welcome back to the Connect FCS Ed, our co-host for today’s episode is Executive Director, Melissa Martin of Phi U, or also known as Phi Upsilon Omicron. Melissa was initially the most active new initiate in 2004, serving as the First Vice President in charge of directing the professional project, she was also honored with the service and leadership award for the chapter. Now, Melissa is the executive director, but she also has a degree in design merchandising and textiles with a minor in family consumer sciences. I am excited to have you join me today, welcome!

Episode Notes:

•  Phi Upsilon Omicron is the National Honor Society in Family and Consumer Sciences. We were actually founded in 1909 at the University of Minnesota, so we’ve got a long history there, and actually originally were designated as the honor society for home economics. (2:09)

• A membership and rotation invitation to a collegiate chapter through local honorary membership, and then we also have national honorary membership, which is bestowed upon someone in our biennial conclave, so lots of different avenues there to become a part of our efforts and to become a member. (4:51)

•  Within the last year, Phi U launched a YouTube channel, so we even have had some members when chapter submit their own content to be featured on our YouTube channel, so that’s been super fun to just watch them work and to be so inspired, so I encourage your listeners to check out, it’s potential Honor Society are YouTube channel, and we have some professional project videos on there where the students talk specifically about their community service and the impact they’ve made through the organization, and that’s always wonderful, and then we’ve got some recognition videos on there where you can kind of see the name or scholarships and fellowships and grants, and even alumni distinguished service awards that we’ve given through the years. (13:32)

•  We have some eligibility information on what institutions could be considered for membership, but mainly we have a petition form that just seems to be filled out and signed off by different leadership levels at the institution and submitted to national counsel for vote, but a lot of times if they meet on that criteria, what we found is the biggest hurdle is just working with establishing a new student organization on campus, so if they have a sponsor or someone willing to help them navigate that and the rest is pretty simple. (19:52)

•  Just because you’re not active on our roster doesn’t mean that we have struck through your name in the database, you’re still a Phi U member, and we would love to welcome you back into the fold and reconnect you to the Greek track; That’s easier than ever. You can go on our website at and log in and set up your own profile, you can even add pictures, share about your family, reconnect with other members, so that’s an opportunity there. (26:03)

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January 26th, 2022

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