Chelsey Farias: Building Cultural Opportunities While Being a New FCS Teacher

Welcome back friends, I’m your host Barbara Scully. Today, I have an amazing brand new Family Consumer Sciences educator, her name is Chelsey Farias, and I just got the confirmation that she is going to be my brand new colleague and I’ve been fighting to have her join me on the podcast. Also, she is going to be a brand new teacher, and she’s going to be sharing her experiences coming from COVID as a student teacher, and also the fact that she’s going to be working at the school that she got all of her training from, the high school she graduated from. A lot of great things happening, I can’t wait for you to hear!

Ready? Let’s go…


•    I just graduated from Central Washington University. I am a new teacher, this will be my first year I did my student teaching, which was an awesome thing. I mean, it was mostly primarily online because of COVID and everything, so it was a little challenging, but fun. Everyone says that it was their hardest year of teaching, so I started off that way, so it can only get easier from here. Yeah, I just got hired and I cannot wait to go back and serve the community where I was served. I know the school is primarily Latino students, so I’m just super excited to go back and serve the students that you know, that come from the same upbringing for me. (2:11)

•   75% of the population are Latino students. So that’s another connection. I came from the east side, that’s another connection, so it’s just kind of counting the connections that you make with the students and being more relatable and especially with family consumer science. I’d be teaching Food and Nutrition, how can we incorporate our culture to what we’re cooking in a custom, just different ways like that. I think it means a lot just because there’s more ways that I understand the students struggle and I’m able to empathize with them. (5:00)

•   That was really exciting, and it was also kind of a testament of going how deep and how far this project actually went because it was implemented in the classroom. It was executed at home where students actually talked to their family or friends about this. And then all of a sudden coming back to the classroom, not being afraid to kinda push the envelope a little bit when it comes to sending a project like that home. (9:43)

•    I learned, that there are so many ways to cater to the students that need a little bit more help in writing things down physically, and literally say, Start typing out the steps of what they need to do and go into detail and really reiterating what you said, so that was something that was a good thing that I learned that I didn’t realize that I wasn’t really catering to these students before. I wasn’t through covid, I was like, Yeah, I need to be better at that. I need to know, even if I feel like I’m repeating myself a million times, that is okay, because that millions time is when I click to the student, and so I got that student and that student had that a-ha moment. (14:40)

•    Go to the bathroom before you come into class, but that’s the good thing too, like you didn’t let one person ruin it for the rest of the students, it was just that one student, and so I’ve had instances in classrooms too, where it’s like one student abused it, so now we’re all screwed basically, now we all have to deal with the consequences. And so definitely taking nuggets, I have learned to take nuggets from every single teacher of things that they do that I really like, and implementing it to my class and seeing like, Okay, this is my teaching style, or maybe this grading style I like, and the other grading skill, I don’t really like just literally borrowing or taking stuff, teachers and implementing it, and that’s just the thing, we’re always learning a new trick from another teacher acting it as our own, so don’t reinvent the wheel or just for that pride, learn and adapt and grow from that I want. (23:31)


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AUGUST 25, 2021

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