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Welcome to Connect FCS Ed, I am your host Barbara Scully. Today I am thrilled to share with you my interview with Ramona Hatch of Fresh FACS. Fresh FACS mission is stated as ‘Family and Consumer Science is as relevant today as it was when it was first introduced into the American school curriculum as Home Economics over a century ago. Its core content areas of food preparation, nutrition, children and family, textiles and apparel, interior design and consumer economics have never been more important than in today’s society.’

The resources that they provide on the web site have been created to enable FACS teachers to present core concepts through a variety of fresh strategies and instructional approaches.

Ramona Hatch is a retired FACS teacher and Fresh FACS is a small company dedicated to the creation of exciting and original resources for the Family and Consumer Science professional.

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•   I guess right now, the biggest initiative we have going is creating activities that enable teachers to easily and somewhat effortlessly bring steam into the classroom. Again, this is something that is… It’s expected of all teachers right now, we want the science, technology, engineering, art and math. And I think the art piece was the thing that made it all click for me, made it so that I could devise and come up with activities for family consumer science to emphasize these areas. (3:21)

•   I also love bringing fiction into the family consumer science classroom, and so I’m always reading young adult novels, and if teachers are not reading these novels now, they really should be. First of all, they’re some great, great books at their grade stories, so we have  three resources on bringing fiction and reading into the FACS classroom. But I’m so excited about the book I just finished last night and… I’m not going to get the title exactly right, it’s something about left doers, what about leftovers, and it’s a wonderful novel about family and food and just so many different aspects, and I used to use novels in my classroom in place of textbooks. (7:28)

•   I love hearing your passion for this because I think the best thing about for all of us being educators, family, consumer sciences, and entrepreneurs, we’re all creative, and that has been probably my favorite thing throughout this whole COVID-19 experience, I’ve been able to really release and unlock my creativity and coming up with some innovative projects to keep my students engaged. (13:00)

•   I really wish that there was some way to have that conversation with just maybe a variety of teachers from different areas of the country, but all in family consumer science, and just let us have a conversation about, what has worked for you? What has not? What are you looking out for the next school year? Because that again, is such an unknown, even though I think most schools probably have something of a plan in place, but you don’t know what the outcomes are going to be. (19:25)

•   We’re better together is my motto, and learning from one another, talking to one another, because if you’re doing something in your classroom and I hear about it, all of a sudden it gets me thinking, Oh, I wonder if I could able to incorporate maybe a piece of it, into what I’m doing, and not make it better, but make it better for my group of students. (25:51)

August 12, 2020

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