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Welcome to episode 17 of Connect FCS Ed, I’m your host Barbara Scully. Today I am very excited to share my conversation with Kim Graybill, FCS Ed teacher and CEO of the FamilyConsumerSciences.com website.

Kim is a Penn State graduate (1987). She has been teaching for 30+ years. All but two have been in the same school.  She teaches at a small, rural school (600 students), grades 7-12.  The courses she teaches are jr. high grades 7-8 in six week rotations, senior high electives:  Child Development, Individual & Family Studies, Exploring Foods and Career & Consumer Sciences (adulting/financial literacy).  The electives are full year courses.  

Kim started contributing to the Family Consumer Sciences website in 2011.  In 2013, she wrote at least 2 posts/month and then in 2015 she took over the entire website as CEO and have been running it ever since.

When the website started in 2009, there were not a lot of FACS lessons available online. So, the website started as a way to help FACS teachers (especially new teachers) save time writing lesson plans and looking for new ideas. This philosophy continues today as we are better together!  Kims says, “I know I wouldn’t be the teacher I am today if it weren’t for others helping along the way!”


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•  I continue to share new ideas and try to stay current with teaching strategies and technology and content, and just trying to help every teacher, not just the new teachers. Because in today’s world, school districts are working with restrained budgets and they need… We don’t all have classroom sets of textbooks and resources, and so I wanted to have or continue her philosophy that this was a source that would be free for all teachers, that they could come and get new ideas or share new ideas with everyone else. (3:20)

•  I’m a one person department in a very small rural school, and so it’s nice in one respect because I can pretty much plan my curriculum anyway that I want. And I know what I’m doing in my other classes, so I can figure out how to teach the same topic three different ways if necessary, without overlapping too much. And it’s nice in that respect, but it’s also challenging because I do have six preps every day, and I’m teaching a new course, then it’s planning and developing and creating. (7:15)

•  I’ve also found that over the years the content pretty much stays the same, but how I deliver it, or what I expect my students to do varies. And so, what may work really well with one group for years, doesn’t work the next year, and so I feel like I need to go back to my file cabinet and you’re, okay, this one isn’t working, what can I do instead? Because there’s been some years where, for example, I’ve had classes that are just super artistic and can draw everything and they want to illustrate, and they want to create visuals, and are wonderful at it. And then the next year I’ve got a class that can’t draw. (11:47)

•  I love integrating technology in my classroom. I’m always introducing new apps and different ways of how we could utilize it. They have the eye rolls that I get from my students when they’re like, Oh… So I’m like, Yes, this is fun, we need to explore these things because honestly, this is the future, and you need to be prepared going into your careers later on so that you are flexible and you are showing adaptability… Yeah, when things are hard, you are showing perseverance. So I love integrating technology just because it’s both for home and career. (23:26)

•  Sometimes I have gone to teachers specifically and said, hey, would you be willing to share this, this is such an awesome idea. And sometimes they agree and sometimes they don’t. And so, they have to feel comfortable in doing that. But I would love to feature more teachers, and I know Facebook is a huge platform that people share and I think that… Well, as I shared on Facebook, maybe it’ll reach more people and  it might, but a lot of people… I have a lot of traffic on my website too, and so it would just be another way to get that resource out there, and we’re all helping each other, we’re all in this together. (42:13)

July 29, 2020

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